Astrocade Videos

     Astrocade videos aren't common, so these are a special treat. These videos are all quite large, so unless you have high-speed Internet access, you're not going to be able to view these (unless you're willing to wait for days). The video quality of these videos isn't always great, but it is the source material that was the trouble, not the capture of it. (At the time these videos were captured, they were twenty-five years old!)

Important: These videos are so large that if you just click the picture to watch the video it may not work properly. It is highly recommended that you click the picture and then save the video to your hard drive. (In Internet Explorer: Right Click on the picture and then choose 'Save Target As')

Cartridge Videos Videos of Astrocade Cartridges (including the four included with the system ROM).
Datamax UV-1 Videos These are YouTube videos that use the Datamax UV-1. The UV-1 computer (basically, a beefed-up, very expensive Astrocade) was used in the early eighties.
Tape Videos Videos of Astrocade tape software.
arcadian_promo_video_(1980) Thumbnail
Arcadian Promotional Video (Circa 1980)
MPEG - 23:07 - 236MB

Bob Fabris compiled these programs onto video from the Arcadian newsletter. Not edited, so it is slow, but worth it for the only known look at Color BASIC.

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Astro Arcade
By Astrovision.

Astro Arcade, The Professional Videogame System that gives you four-player capability, three built-in games, a calculator, and these new cartridges. Coloring Book with Light Pen; even the young can make beautiful pictures. The Wizard has a dungeon of surprises for you. And if you're still hungry for excitement, how about the Munchie game? Astro Arcade. The home entertainment sensation that's a personal computer too. [See us at Booth 940]
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Astrocade Overheating!
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astrocade_promo_(circa_1982) Thumbnail
Astrocade Promotional Video (Circa 1982)
MPEG - 5:22 - 55MB

This is a great "commercial" made by Astrovision.

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Brickyard / Clowns Review
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color_basic_(circa_1982) Thumbnail
Color BASIC (Circa 1982)
MPEG - 2:41 - 28MB

This is an excerpt from the Arcadian Promotional Video. Not much is known about Color BASIC, but Lance Squire has reached these conclusions from watching the video:

1) In 'Color' mode, Only 7 and 3/4 text lines of display. (Missing screen space probably holds the color tables)

2) FG and BG selectable per line. (FG2 & BG2 presumed selectable for right half of left/right barrier. = 32 colors

3) Normal AstroBasic programs run in the normal 2 color mode. Full Basic screen

4) Last section shows multiple sections of 4 colors per line. (Presuming moving Left/Right barrier through timer interrupt...)

Finally, Color BASIC was probably meant for an unexpanded Astrocade, but we do not know for sure.

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Christmas_Special_(2008)(Lance_Squire) Thumbnail
Christmas Special
MPEG - 1:14 - 10.2MB

This about a minute of video from Lance Squire's Christmas Special from December 2008.
Galactic Invasion Review
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hotrod_bally_basic_(circa_1982) Thumbnail
Hot Rod Bally BASIC Video (Circa 1982)
MPEG - 16:14 - 166MB

Jay Fenton narrates an insiders look at the unreleased Hot Rod Bally BASIC. There are eight short programs that he demonstrates. This is especially neat if you've ever programmed before.

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