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Balcheck Supplemental Info Balcheck Supplemental Info.
By Michael Matte.
October 2, 2017.

This document is a tutorial that explains how to use the BalCheck hardware and its software to diagnose a failing Bally Arcade/Astrocade console.

The default download is a pdf file. The document is also available in its original Word .doc format and as a plain ASCII text file:
  1. Balcheck Supplemental Info - Microsoft Word Version (.doc)
  2. Balcheck Supplemental Info - Text Version (.txt)
BalCheck Support Circuitry BalCheck Support Circuitry

     Richard Degler supplied this information. This same information is also available in GIF format here. (One Page, 392K)
BallyCheck BalCheck Information

     Information about Ballycheck (AKA Home Video Game Burn-In Tester). By Richard G Belton. (9 Pages, 1MB)
BallyCheck BalCheck Instruction Manual (with source-code)

     These are the instructions for use with a piece of hardware commonly called BalCheck or BallyCheck (but referred to as "Home Video Burn-in Tester" in this manual). The hardware was released in 1980 and allows the Astrocade's hardware to be tested. The source-code is included. (63 Pages, 1.45MB)
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