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     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with Bally BASIC (the BASIC withOUT the built-in tape-interface).

Program Name Source Comments
Bally Black Box
Bally Black Box
Tape Two versions of this game are included with this archive. The original version and a corrected version of the game.

The exact rules for this Astrocade version of Bally Black Box are not available. For those not familiar with the concept of the Black Box game itself, read the brief directions for another version of Black Box in the Arcadian (ARCADIAN, 1, no. 9 (August 18, 1979): 74). Or, better yet, there is a Wikipedia page about Black Box that covers the rules extensively:

Black Box (Game Description and Rules) on Wikipedia.

Note: In December of 2010 a BASIC Cartridge version of this game was create by Richard Degler. It can be downloaded here.
Tape Create a "crazy face" using various menu selections.
Hidden Word Finder Tape This isn't actually a game. You enter words, and it shows various ways to put them into a word puzzle--backwards, diagonally, etc.
Memory Maze Tape A rather difficult game. It displays a maze for a few seconds, then the maze disappears and you have to try to guide a block through it. You lose points by bumping into the walls, or taking another peak at the maze by pulling the trigger.