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Ads and Catalogs
3D Tic-Tac-Toe Ad "3D Tic-Tac-Toe" Ad.
L&M Software.
Tape 12, 1981.

3-D TIC TAC TOE - Another of L&M's 3 dimensional display games with three levels of game play. Players can win in any of the 3 dimensions. The computer will check all moves for validity, indicate the winner and light up the winning 3 squares. Beautifully presented in 4 colors.

This game is included with NAUTILUS..........Both for $15.95

An ad for "Nautilus" was originally on the opposite side of this sheet.
  1. "3D Tic-Tac-Toe" Ad Text
Alien Invasion Ad "Alien Invasion" Ad.
L&M Software.
Tape 14, April 1982.
Arcadian 4, no. 7 (May 7, 1982): 67. (Full-Page Ad)

Star Fleet Command has put you at the controls of a pulse-pounding photon cannon. Your orders are to stop the invasion of aliens war machines. It takes a cool head and a steady hand. Only you stand in their way. Can Earth be saved or will the aliens destroy your cannon and invade Earth?

Normally, a picture this detailed in 3-dimension would require more memory than is available in the Arcade program section. We have utilized a special Arcade feature called mass screen memory. There is almost 4K of memory available in this way. The game operation is contained in the 1.8K program memory section. By using both in a unique way this game, with expanded graphics, is possible. It is equivalent to about 5K of memory.

This is probably the best use of the Arcade graphics to date and the largest most detailed play field yet developed for Basic.
  1. "Alien Invasion" Ad - This is the text of the ad.

Candy Man/River City Gambler Ad

Candy Man/River City Gambler Ad - Page 2

"Candy Man/River City Gambler" Ads.
L&M Software.
Tape 18, January 1983.

This two-page L&M Software ad also has an ad for "River City Gambler" on the back as well as a high score contest for "Candy Man" (sorry, the contest ended on February 28, 1983!).

"The candy factory is enchanted. There are 2 jokers and 4 gremlins named, Tooter, Scooter, Harem, Farem, Darem and Scarem who play tricks on the Candy Man. This factory is in a mess since the two jokers have scattered life savers all the floor. The Candy Man must eat them up as quickly as possible while avoiding the jokers. Be careful the jokers will get their buddies, the gremlins, to help them keep the life savers. Are you up to it? This game will give you all of the enjoyment of its famous cousin of coin op fame. With Blue Screen Bonus Score & Bonus Lives."

"This dice game with 1 to 4 players plus The Astrocade for a maximum of five players. Or you can even let 'Astrocade play by itself or leave it out all together, if you wish. The object is to eliminate as many of the numbers at the top of the screen as you can, by eliminating combinations or single numbers equal to the combination of the two dice rolled. A new roll of the dice is made by the Computer each time you have used the previous dice combination. Numbers at the top of the screen can be used only once during a players turn. The computer disallows illegal moves. The low person WINS."

Claim Jumper Ad

"Claim Jumper" Ad.
L&M Software.
Tape 1 and Tape 14, October 1981.

"Claim Jumper - Stake your claims, on 4 sides, and mark them with your symbol. Claim jumping happens when one player puts the last side on the other player's claim. This game uses one of L&M's exclusive features, the computer can play, too, as an option. Fun for 1 to 4 people. In 4 beautiful colors. This game is included with Alien Invasion......Both for $15.95"

The color scan of "Alien Invasion" is on the same page as the "Claim Jumper" ad.
  1. "L&M Software Alien Invasion and Claim Jumper ads" Thread - This ad was scanned by Nate Reeder and posted to the Bally Arcade/Astrocade Discussion group on June 26, 2023.

Exitor's Revenge Ad

L&M Software Ad for Tape 8-13

"Exitor's Revenge" Ad
L&M Software.
Tape 16, 1982.

"You are the commander of the underground MX missile, defense for the top secret facility, which is code named Akreon. This is where our first interstellar star drive is being constructed. You are alerted to the presence of an object coming in from outer space. You immediately recognize it as a battle star of alien origin. You take control of the MX system, positioning the launcher, firing the missiles and guiding them to target, destroying the warriors before they can radio important data to the enemy battle star. LOOKOUT!!! The battle star will fire back."

On the back of this ad there are descriptions of L&M Software tapes 8-13:

Tape 8 - Crazy Ball/Dart Board
Tape 9 - The Mummy's Treasure/Galactic War 2002
Tape 10 - Coyote-Roadrunner Desert Race / Atom Smasher
Tape 11 - Sink the U-Boat / Rescue Air Drop
Tape 12 - Mission Impossible / 3D Tic-Tac-Toe
Tape 13 - The Fox & the Hare / Space Sleuth
  1. "Exitor's Revenge" Ad Text

L&M Software Catalog(Tapes 1-6)

L&M Software Catalog(Tapes 1-6) Page 2

L&M Software Catalog (Tapes 1-6).
L&M Software.
About 1981.

This is a two-page catalog with 12 original games for the Astrocade/Bally Arcade Computer System on six tape cassettes with graphic pictures which represent each game. The 12 games are the following:

Tape 1 - Claim Jumper/River City Gambler
Tape 2 - Cosmic Saucer Battle/Black Lagoon
Tape 3 - Bombardier/Meteroid
Tape 4 - Target/Mind Bender
Tape 5 - Search & Destroy/Air Raid
Tape 6 - Star Base 2000/Space Quest 2001
  1. L&M Software Catalog (Tapes 1-6) - This is most of the text from this L&M Software advertisement from around 1981. The text has been formatted to make it more readable in this picture-less, text-only format.
Nautilus Ad "Nautilus" Ad
L&M Software.
Tape 17, 1982.

"The 7th fleet is engaged in the top secret mission, code named Akreon, the shipping of our first star drive engine to it's final destination. Presently the 7th fleet is moored just off the coast of Scorpion, a small island in route.

"You are the commander of the atomic powered attack sub, Nautilus. Your mission is to protect the fleet during it's stay in the harbor. The watch is proceeding smoothly, when suddenly you are startled to attention by a general alarm. You hurry to your battle station where the radio officer gives you the report of a UFO coming in fast."

An ad for "3D Tic-Tac-Toe" was originally on the opposite side of this sheet.
  1. "Nautilus" Ad Text
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