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Tiny Arcade Ad (July 1982)

Omega Valley/Astro Terror Screenshot Close-Ups from ad

Letter to Bob Fabris (July 6, 1982)(Tom_McConnell)

The Tiny Arcade Advertisement.
with Screenshots and Descriptions of Four Tapes.
July 1982.

This is a two-page advertisement that Tom McConnell, the programmer of The Tiny Arcade Bally BASIC and AstroBASIC programs, sent to Bob Fabris, editor of the "Arcadian" newsletter, on July 6, 1982. Included are descriptions for four tapes.

T100 - Space Gauntlet / Quadron
T101 - Omega Valley / Astro Terror
T102 - Viperian / Cruncher
T103 - Vindicator / Art Show and Fireworks

The upcoming game, "Gamma Wars" is also mentioned as "Coming Soon." The screenshot for Tape 101, Omega Valley / Astro Terror, has been cropped from the ad to give an example of the quality of the printed ad.

This Tiny Arcade ad was sent along with a letter from Tom McConnell to Bob Fabris, the editor of the "Arcadian" newsletter. The typed letter is dated July 6, 1982 and it can be read in its original format or in a text-only form.
  1. Letter to Bob Fabris (July 6, 1982)(Tom_McConnell) - Text Format
Reading the letter gives a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work that was required by these small companies to sell their games on tape for the Bally Arcade.

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