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When multiple versions of a document are available (150dpi, or 300dpi, B&W, Color), then the default download version is B&W and/or 150dpi. Please note, that even when the default download is B&W, the thumbnail will be in color (when available).

Castle of Horror (Tape 12) Ad Castle of Horror (Tape 12) Ad
Lookout for the Bull (Tape 10) Ad Lookout for the Bull (Tape 10) Ad
Pack Rat (Tape 9) Ad Pack Rat (Tape 9) Ad
Whiz Quiz (Tape 11) Ad Whiz Quiz (Tape 11) Ad
WaveMakers Ad for Tapes 1-8 Wavemakers Ad - Tapes 1 - 8.

     This ad for tapes 1-8 includes pictures, descriptions and mock screenshots.

WaveMakers Ad (Screenshots with Descriptions) Wavemakers Ad - Descriptions and pictures of tapes 1 - 18.

These are the listed games:

Tape 1 - Max (Robot from Space) / Horse Race
Tape 2 - Computer Clue / Flying Ace
Tape 3 - Maze Race and Obstacle Course / Space Chase
Tape 4 - Slot Machine / Perversion
Tape 5 - Music Composer / Yahtzee
Tape 6 - Mouse in the Hat / Speed Math and Note Match
Tape 7 - Guitar Course (With Tuning, Note Match and Chord Progressions)
Tape 8 - Backgammon / Tournament Obstacle Course
Tape 9 - Pack-Rat / Pack-Rat II
Tape 10 - Lookout for the Bull / Lookout for the Bull II
Tape 11 - Whiz Quiz
Tape 12 - Castle of Horror / Four Famous Freebies
Tape 13 - Monkey Jump / Gong the Kong
Tape 14 - Collision Course / Sound Effects
Tape 15 - Character Analysis
Tape 16 - Dungeons of Dracula
Tape 17 - L.T. (Little Terrestrial) / Memory Lane
Tape 18 - The Gate Escape / Whack-a-Mole

Not listed in this ad, but this completes the unexpanded tapes:

Tape 19 - Outpost 19 / Music Keyboard
Tape 20 - QB-2B / Tomb Pirates

- 2 Pages. PDF. B&W. 343K.
WaveMakers Flyer (ABC Hobbycraft) 1 WaveMakers Flyer (Front Only) WaveMakers Ads.

This three-page ad came with one of the Astrocade Underground newsletters from ABC Hobby Craft. This is a list of the first eight tapes with pictures and desciptions of the games.
Also included is an alternate source for the front page, which is a much small download (it contains the pictures only). - 3 pages. PDF. Color. 3.6MB.
- 1 page. JPG. Color. 432K.
Wavemakers Flyer 2 WaveMakers Ads.

These ads came with one of the Astrocade Underground newsletters from ABC Hobby Craft. This document includes screen pictures for the first thirteen games. Also included are descriptions for the first eight games, complete ads for five games (Castle of Horror, Collision Course, Lookout for the Bull, Monkey Jump, and Whiz Quiz) as well as complete directions for the newest game at the time, tape 14, Dungeons of Dracula.

- 4 Pages. PDF. Color and B&W. 8.3MB.
WaveMakers Ad (6 Games) WaveMakers Ads (Six 1/6-Page Ads).

Great 1/6-page ads for six games. These ads have pictures, screenshots, and descriptions. The text is quite small, but the scan is high-quality so everything is easily readable. The games included here are:

Castle of Horror
Collision Course
Lookout for the Bull
Monkey Jump
Whiz Quiz

- 1 page. PDF. B&W. 1MB.
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