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Astrocade Built-In Software: Calculator, Checkmate, Gunfight and Scribbling.
Video created by Nice and Games.
Video published August 13, 2013.

The Bally Astrocade exists and contains 4 built-in pieces of software. 2 games and 2 utilities. And man are they all over this video. This video right here is up to its armpits in Astrocade built-in software. The stench of pack-in games and utilities hangs over this video like a damp wool sweater over a geyser.

It's not unusual to have pack-in games for a console. But the Astrocade's are built-in, no cartridge needed. Kind of like how the Atari XEGS has Missile Command built-in to the console. Very convenient.

And I think the Astrocade has some useful built-in software. The calculator is a fun curiosity but it's not really the best choice for calculating. The drawing program, called Scribbling, is pretty fun and a good showcase for the large color palette of the machine.

The games are simple but fun. Gunfight -- which is a home version of the Midway arcade game Gun Fight...leaving out the space makes the game run cooler -- is for two players only, but shows off some of the versatility of the Astrocade's controller. Checkmate is a snake-style game for up to 4 players that shows off, well, the 4 player capability of the console.

So what the heck. Pretty decent stuff. That's my take on it anyway. I'm also in favor of pants.

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