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Episode 8 - Blast Droids and Haunted House
Arcadian Newsletters (August and September 1979)

(March 12, 2017)

In episode 8 of the Bally Alley Astrocast, Paul, Michael and I review the 4K Blast Droids cartridge that Esoterica released in 1983. This game was written by Dan Drescher, and J.P. Curran. We also review the BASIC game Haunted House released by New Image in 1981. Paul and I discuss the contents and programs included in the August and September 1979 issues of the Arcadian newsletter. We also read feedback from Arcadian readers that sent letters and postcards to Bob Fabris concerning the July 1979 survey question that asked if users would purchase a third-party keyboard and RAM upgrade. Lastly, we cover about ten letters that cover general topics that were sent to the Arcadian from late July to September 1979.

Bally Alley Astrocast Episode 8
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Blast Droids

Haunted House by New Image

Haunted House_01 (Title Screen)

Haunted House_04 (Room 1 - Kitchen)

Haunted House (Tape)

Arcadian Newsletter

Responses to the Arcadian July 1979 Survey

These letters relate to the programming keyboard survey on page 55 of the July 1979 issue of Arcadian. As a reminder, the survey questions were:

  1. "Assume that the Bally keyboard is available with full capacity (reference page 21). Are you ready to pay $650 for it?
  2. "Assume that the Bally keyboard is available with partial capacity (reference page 54). Are you ready to pay $350 for it?
  3. "Assume that we develop a keyboard that would have 16K RAM with upgrading capability of 24-plus K RAM, and some form of resident BASIC in 16K ROM, along with some features such as cassette motor control, word processing capability, etc. Are you ready to pay $350 for it? (Assuming that Bally does not produce in the same timeframe.)

"A postal card with numbers down the side and yes/no opposite each is all that is necessary, but suggestions are certainly welcome. Also, tell me the model number and serial number of your machine if you haven't done so yet."

Letters to the Arcadian

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