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     These songs were recorded straight from the Astrocade and are saved as MP3 files, therefore, you do not need an Astrocade to listen to them (they are meant to be heard on your computer or, for that matter, any device that plays MP3 files).

Astrocast Theme Astrocast Theme
By Dominic Lowhar.
September 2015.

This is an mp3 recording of the theme music for the Astrocast, a podcast for the Bally Arcade / Astrocade that is scheduled to begin in September or October 2015. The song was composed by Dominic Lowhar in early September 2015. It begins with the "New Candy Man" sound effect from L&M Software's "Candy Man" recorded from a Bally Arcade console. The flute was recorded and played by Dominic Lowhar. The drum was recorded and played by Brandon Reeves. The bass and piano parts were created using "FL Studio" on a computer running Windows 7.

The sheet music for the Astrocade Theme is available here:
  1. Astrocast Theme Sheet Music
Carnival Rapture Carnival Rapture - An original composition by Tim White. From Niagara Bugs Club Tape.
New 2-Voice Music - Frogger Theme "New 2-Voice Music" (FROGGER Theme).
By Mike Peace.
ARCADIAN 5, no. 3 (Jan. 14, 1983): 53.

An example of 2-voice music created using New 2-Voice Music by Mike Peace.

Happy Days Happy Days - By Peggy Gladden. From Astro-Bugs Club Tape #2.
Rockin' Robin Rockin' Robin - By Peggy Gladden. From Astro-Bugs Club Tape #2.
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