These songs were recorded straight from the Astrocade and are saved as MP3 files (except for the spoken word introductions), therefore, you do not need an Astrocade to listen to them (they are meant to be heard on your computer or, for that matter, any device that plays MP3 files).

Chopsticks Chopsticks - From Music Keyboard.
Man on the Flying Trapeze, The The Man on the Flying Trapeze - From Music Composer.
MazeMaker II MazeMaker II - Sound effect from MazeMaker II. This is a ten second recording of a sound loop. From page 91 of the AstroBASIC manual. Doesn't this sound like the theme music from the movie Blade Runner?
Oh Susanna Oh Susanna - From Music Composer.
Sound Effects Sound Effects - From Sound Effects. Eight different sounds: Cop Car, Gun, Machine Gun, Go to Light Speed, Boings, Chimes, Westminster Chimes, and Explosion.