Beatles Greatest Hits

     These songs were recorded straight from the Astrocade and are saved as MP3 files, therefore, you do not need an Astrocade to listen to them (they are meant to be heard on your computer or, for that matter, any device that plays MP3 files).

Song Name Comments
01 - She Loves You.mp3 She Loves You - Lance's comments about this song (March 18, 2003): I was concerned that this file was bad [when it began to load] as garbage started showing up on the screen partly through the load. Only it was consistent and there was clear centered text below it. I wondered... was that a block of ML code in the center of the screen? Then to my amazement the classic Beatles song She Loves You (Ya Ya Ya) started playing... with perfect 1/16 notes!. Screen capture of She Loves You.
02 - A Hard Day's Night.mp3 A Hard Day's Night - Screen capture of A Hard Day's Night.
03 - Let It Be.mp3 Let It Be - Screen capture of Let It Be.
04 - Yesterday.mp3 Yesterday - Screen capture of Yesterday.
05 - Can't Buy Me Love.mp3 Can't Buy Me Love - Screen capture of Can't Buy Me Love.
06 - I Feel Fine.mp3 I Feel Fine - Screen capture of I Feel Fine.
07 - Paperback Writer.mp3 Paperback Writer - Screen capture of Paperback Writer.
08 - Eight Days A Week.mp3 Eight Days A Week - Screen capture of Eight Days A Week. After the song is finished playing, it repeats and then displays a message to rewind the tape. Screen capture of Last Song, Rewind Tape message.