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     These songs were recorded straight from the Astrocade and are saved as MP3 files, therefore, you do not need an Astrocade to listen to them (they are meant to be heard on your computer or, for that matter, any device that plays MP3 files).

Song Name Source Comments
Allemande (Part 1) Tape By Johann Sebastian Bach
Allemande (Part 2) Tape By Johann Sebastian Bach
Over the Rainbow Tape Music by Harold Arlen and Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg
Remember When You Were a Kid? Tape By Ed Labunaki, Originally sung for Faygo by Kenny Karen

Lance's comments: This is called "Red" in the tape menu and displayed on the screen while it played, "Remember when you were a kid." I was impressed with the quality of this song, almost no bent notes.

Paul Thacker comments: According to Mike White's program listing and the archived version on-line, the full name is "Red Pop Music."

Frank Palazzolo comments: I think the title is actually "Remember when you were a kid?" Well, in case you want more than enough info on that song...
It went to #3 on the pop charts in 1971 - and it's from a "famous" commercial for Faygo Redpop:
Peary "Faygo" Commercial
"Remember When You Were A Kid?" Lyrics
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