Brett Bilbrey - 'Interview' 2 Brett Bilbrey "Interview"

     Some more comments from this former Astrocade guru. (July 11, 2001)
David Ibach Interview David Ibach Interview

     An interview with David Ibach, the programmer of the third-party cartridge "Sneaky Snake." He also was part of General Video, the company that released "The General Video Assembler," a two-pass assembler for the Astrocade. He devised a method, referred to as The Ibach Cartridge Conversion, for swapping cartridges while the Astrocade was still on (thus allowing Bally and Astro versions of BASIC to be swapped without losing the program in memory). He also wrote a few BASIC games and programs that were published in the Arcadian newsletter. (February 27, 2006)
Dick Ainsworth Comments Dick Ainsworth Comments

     Some Comments from Dick Ainsworth, a former Bally employee (July 18, 2002)
Dick Ainsworth Interview Dick Ainsworth Interview

     An interview with Dick Ainsworth, a former Bally employee. This is a follow-up to the comments that Dick made to the Bally Alley discussion group about seven years ago. His original comments have been gathered together and are also on this page. (April 18, 2009 - April 21, 2009)
George Moses 'Interview' George Moses 'Interview'

     George Moses was a known best for his great musical tributes to the Astrocade. (July and August, 2001)
Jeff Frederiksen Interview Jeff Frederiksen Interview

     Jeff Frederiksen was the chief engineer behind designing the Bally Professional Arcade hardware. He indicated that he still wants to put some more of his thoughts down, but he has sent some "interim" answers to a couple of questions, which are actually pretty detailed, and he said it would be fine to go ahead and publish these. (July 29, 2011)
Paul Garber Interview Paul Garber Interview

     An interview by Paul Thacker with a tech named Paul Garber that fixed Bally Astrocades for a company called North Iowa Electronics located in Garner, Iowa. (December, 2006)
Rickey Spiece Discussion Rickey Spiece Comments

      Rickey Speice "worked on the original Bally Arcade back in the 70's at Dave Nutting and Associates." This is a compilation of eleven posting to the Bally Alley Discussion group. (April 2005)
Tom Meeks Comments Tom Meeks Comments

      Many comments from Tom Meeks, a former Astrocade employee (November 20, 2001)
Bob Weber Interview Bob Weber (of W&W Software) "Interview"

      Short "Interview" with Bob Weber of W&W Software (May 19, 2003)
Wavemakers 'Interview' WaveMakers "Interview"

     Wavemakers released the best known (and probably the best) games on tape for the Astrocade. Mike Peace talks about his work. (August 2001)