1. Turn on your Bally Professional Arcade and TV set, then select channel 3 or 4.
  2. Connect hand control #l by inserting it into the first jack on the back left side (as you face the front of the Arcade).
  3. Insert the game cartridge, label side up, into the cartridge slot. Press it down firmly to lock it into position.
  4. Press the RESET button, and the menu of games will be displayed.

Copyright (c) 1981 Astrovision, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

ASTRO BATTLE (1 player)

Protect your home planet from the attacking fnvadersl Score points for each one you destroy, and win bonus points by blasting the parent ships.


Choose Astro Battle by pressing 1 on the keypad or by using remote game selection (pull the trigger on hand control #l, turn the knob until 1 appears on the screen, then pull the trigger again).

Enter the level of difficulty:

  1. Novice
  2. Amateur
  3. Intermediate
  4. Professional

As you choose higher skill levels, the invaders descend faster and drop more bombs.


The hand control functions for Astro Battle are:

Fires the missiles.
Has no function.
Moves missile base left and right.
The object of the game is to score as many points as you can by destroying the invaders--before they destroy you! But, be prepared--your enemy will always be joined by fresh troops!

As soon as the invaders appear, position your base and begin firing your missiles. At first, you will be able to take refuge behind the protective bunkers. However, these bunkers will begin to break away once they are hit by enemy bombs or your own misguided shots.

Randomly, a "parent ship" will streak across the top of the screen. This ship does not drop bombs, but if your missile striles one, it will explode and your score will greatly increase.

After you have shot several ships, the remaining invaders will become angry and will attack with greater speed than ever before. Once you have destroyed a complete set of invaders, a fresh troop will appear and will be positioned lower on the screen.

At the beginning of the game, you will have two extra bases. Then, after you reach a score of 1,000 points or more, you will be ararded another base. However, no other bases will be awarded for the remainder of the game. The number of remaining bases and your score are displayed at the top of the screen.


The point value of the invaders from top to bottom are:

4th row 40 points
3rd row 30 points
2nd row 20 points
1st row 10 points

When you hit a parent ship, you will be awarded 100, 200 or 300 points.

The game is over when all of your bases have been bombed (or crushed), or when you have cleared six complete troops of invaders--see if you can get through them all!


To play Astro Battle again, presa the RESET button (or pull the trigger on hand control bl) and follow the instructions for starting the game.

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