FOOTBALL (2 or 4 players)

With the roar of the crowd, and the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, get ready to coach your NFL Team through another championship game. Score touchdowns with passing or running plays from your own playbook. Carefully map out strategy for both defense and offense. And, watch out for "Mad Dog"--the linebacker who never quits!


Choose Football by pressing I (2 players) or 2 (4 players) on the keypad or by using remote game selection (pull the trigger on hand control Il, turn the knob until 1 or 2 appears on the screen, then pull the trigger again).

The scoreboard will appear. Next to one of the team's scores will be a quarterback, indicating the team on offense. At the beginning of the game, the blue team will be on offense and will select the plays. Pull the trigger to obtain the play selection menu.


The offensive plays for each team are detailed in the "OFFICIAL PLAYBOOK." The play selection refers only to the movement of the receiver at the top of the screen (the flanker or split end). The receiver at the bottom of the screen (the tight end) runs a complementary pattern.

The team on offense selects a play by moving the joystick in any direction when the yellow square is in front of the desired play. The first play that is selected from the list will be the one that is used. If no play is selected, the scoreboard will reappear. Pull the trigger to advance to the play selection again. The yellow square will continue down the entire list so that the defense doesn't know which one you chose.

After you have selected a play, the football field will be displayed. When the ball has been "snapped" (by moving the joystick in any direction), the receiver will run the pattern described in the selected play. Then, all you will need to do to complete the play is throw an accurate pass from the quarterback to the receiver, and make sure the receiver is in position to catch the ball!

For four player games, hand controls 1 and 3 control the blue team (for offense, 1 moves the quarterback until the ball is released, then it moves the top receiver; 3 moves the bottom receiver). Hand controls 2 and 4 control the yellow team (for defense, 2 controls the top cornerback; 4 controls the bottom cornerback).

For two player games, hand control 1 is for the blue team and 2 is for yellow. Players control the offensive quarterback and top receiver, as veil as the two cornerbacks on defense.


The game has two 4-minute halves. In the first half, the blue team starts on offense, beginning on the 20 yard line. Beginning the second half, the yellow team starts on offense. The time clock runs only when the ball is in play.

The hand control functions for the offense are:
JoystickSnaps the ball; controls the movement of the quarterback; controls the receivers once the ball has been thrown.
KnobAdjusts the angle of the quarterbsck's arm and determines the flight of the pass.
TriggerReleases the ball from the quarterback; moves from scoreboard to play selection to field of play and back to scoreboard again.

The ball can be thrown over any of the linemen and linebackers, but not over the cornerbacks. The ball carrier is "tackled" when he contacts any player on the field, including his own team members.

The hand control functions for the defense are:
JoystickControls the cornerbacks.
KnobHas no function.
TriggerHas no function.

The defense has the option of either covering the receivers or "blitzing" the quarterback. Also, "Mad Dog," the linebacker, waits a random length of time and then automatically rushes to wherever the ball is. The two cornerbacks are the only players with the ability to intercept the ball.

After each play, the player controlling the offensive team pulls the trigger and starts the process for the next play. Depending on the yard and down situation, the play selections will change so that offensive pass receivers can be positioned in different formations and run different patterns.


"Punt" will appear in the fourth down play selection if the ball is outside the 25 yard line of the defense. The punt will occur immediately after the ball is snapped. and will fly in an are 30 yards down the field from the line of scrimmage. The defensive cornerbacks must "drop back" (move in the direction the ball is going) to catch the ball and then advance it toward the opponent's goal line.

If a player of the kicking ream touches the ball, it is considered "downed."


To score a touchdown, a player must cross his opponent's goal line while the ball is still in play. The blue team attempts to reach the end zone on the right, and the yellow team moves toward the goal on the left. A touchdown is worth 7 points.

A safety is achieved when you tackle a player with the ball in his own end zone. It is worth 2 points. After achieving a safety, the defensive team is given the ball on the 50 yard line.


There are five different occasions when the ball changes hands and the offensive team becomes defensive:

  1. At the end of the half.
  2. After an interception.
  3. After a touchdown.
  4. After a safety.
  5. If the offense fails to make a first down (10 yards in four downs).

The rules for defense and offense are the same for both teams.


When first learning to play Football, use the following hints to help develop your strategy. Then, as your playing skill increases, you can develop your own sophisticated techniquesl




To play Football again, press the RESET button (or pull the trigger on hand control it) and follow the instructions for starting the game.

Image of one of the Football playbooks.  The other is essentially the same.