STAR BATTLE (1 or 2 players)

Fly your spacecraft down a 3-D tunnel while dodging enemy lasers. Score points by firing and hitting enemy star ships.

With Star Battle, you can play to any score by choosing the number of star ships that must be destroyed. Then, it's a race against time to strike the enemy ships before they hit you!


Choose Star Battle by pressing 1 on the keypad or by using remote game selection (pull the trigger on hand control l, turn the knob until 1 appears on the screen, then pull the trigger again).

Select the number of players (1 or 2). The star ship of player l is designed like an X. The star ship of player 2 looks like an H. Enter the maximum score (1-999).


The hand control functions for Star Battle are:
TriggerLaunches the missiles.
KnobHas no function.
JoystickSteers left or right; slows the speed of the ship when pulled back; goes faster when pushed forward.

The object of the game is to hit the number of enemy star ships selected before the enemy scores that number of hits.

The star ships dart back and forth very quickly, so you must time the release of your missiles to meet the enemy ship where it is going to be.

For one player games, the Arcade automatically becomes the enemy and flies the second star ship. Since both sides have an unlimited supply of ammunition, the action is very fast-paced. SCORING

When a missile hits a star ship, an explosion is seen and heard, and the ship disappears from the screen. Points are awarded to the player who made the hit, and another enemy star ship comes into view.

The scores of both players are displayed at the top of the screen. Since the length of the game is determined by the score which was entered, the game continues until one player reaches that score.



To play Star Rattle again, press the RESET button, and follow the instructions for starting the game.