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jsa_backorders.pdf 09/01/1975 - Backorder Policies and Procedures.
Bally Manufacturing Corporation, a Delaware Corporation Vs. JS&A Group, Inc. 08/28/1980 - Bally Manufacturing Corporation, a Delaware Corporation Vs. JS&A Group, Inc.

"Manufacturer of amusement devices sold to distributors and wholesale-retailers brought action seeking preliminary injunction restraining seller of same through mail orders from publishing 'false or confusing' advertisements concerning manufacturer or its products, services or warranties."

A fully-searchable (non-proofread) version of this document is available in rich text format here.

A much-shorter text summary of this document is available here: here.
jsa_warranty_card.pdf 1977 - JS&A National Sales Group Warranty Card.
jsa_oustanding_response.pdf 11/07/1977 - Outstanding response and "How so cheap?"
jsa-bpa_delay.pdf December 1977 - Initial production of Bally Professional Arcade delayed.
jsa-bpa_gift_certificate.pdf December 1977 - Gift Certificate of Bally Home Library Computer.
Questions and Answers on the Home Library Computer Questions and Answers on the Home Library Computer
Late 1977 (or possibly early 1978).
16-Page Pamphlet.

This is a 16-page pamphlet published by JS&A National Sales Group in late 1977 or early 1978. It explains what the Bally Home Library Computer is, what is included with it now (and what will be include later), plus it explains how it can be sold so cheaply. Also included is a hardware comparison chart and Frequently Asked Questions.

"The big question that just about everybody asks is "Why so cheap? How can a home computer with so much power cost so little while the other units on the market cost so much?"

"The answer lies in a phenomenon that is unique to computers and that Bally and JS&A recognized early. Integrated circuits generally represent only about 10% of the cost of most home computers. The bulk of the other costs are in software-- the cost of man hours or man years required to program the computer to make it easy to operate and useful for different applications. In fact, more than 50% of the cost of a computer is the software that went into it and not the hardware, as is the case with most other products."

To JS&A Customer (February 28, 1978) (February 28, 1978) - To JS&A Customer, From William Mitchell; JS&A National Sales Group; Marketing Director

"Enclosed you will find your Bally Home Library Computer. We really appreciate your patience and we are confident that you will have many years of enjoyment with your new unit. When you purchase the add-on module, you will receive, free-of-charge, the $100 Dial-A-Bargain ordering package. This will give you access to our main JS&A computer here in Northbrook."

JS&A urges their customers to order the add-on soon to receive free items such as a modem and diagnostic cartridge.

Questions & Answers about the Bally Arcade Home Computer-Video Game.

This is the story of an incredible product. So incredible that we know of no future consumer product that will have such a far-reaching technological impact on society.

The Bally Home Computer is a small console unit that resembles a programmable TV game but whose computing capabilities resemble that of the IBM 5100 currently selling for $10,000. This calculating power and its present and future programs will provide more convenience and benefits than any other recent electronic product.
To JS&A (From Ernie Sams)(March 15, 1978) (March 15, 1978) - To JS&A, From Ernie Sams

Ernie writes to William Mitchell, the Group Marketing Director of JS&A National Sales Group, concerning the Tiny BASIC cartridge that has still not shipped yet.
jsa_newspaper_question.pdf 04/26/1978 - Newspaper answer, "Delay Blamed on Production."
jsa_tiny_basic_delay.pdf 07/06/1978 - Tiny BASIC still on back order.
To JS&A (October 11, 1978) (October 11, 1978) - To JS&A Customer, From William Mitchell; JS&A National Sales Group; Marketing Director

"We trust you have your Bally Home Library Computer and have found it quite satisfactory." JS&A asks their customers if they want to wait for the Bally add-on module.
To JS&A (October 19, 1978) (October 19, 1978) - To JS&A Customer (Robert Simpson), From William Mitchell; JS&A National Sales Group; Marketing Director

"As you are well aware, there has been a delay in the shipment of your Bally unit. The delays have been caused by almost every problem imaginable and have lasted almost one year now. Bally, however, is now in full production, and there appears to be no production problems. In addition to the delays, there are serious doubts in our mind as to whether Bally will produce the add-on module we referred to in our advertisements."

JS&A asks their customers if they want to wait for the Bally add-on module.

This copy of the letter isn't easy to read, but it was reprinted in the first issue of the Arcadian newsletter:
  1. To JS&A Customer (Robert Simpson) - Easier-to-read reprint of this letter from Arcadian 1, no. 1 (Nov. 6, 1978): 2.
Joseph Sugarman (May 1979)
Letter to Bally Arcade Customers.
From Joseph Sugarman.
May 1979.

Joe Sugarman, the president of JS&A, claims that the company "had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising to obtain our sales" That's a lot of money, which makes it hard to believe this claim. However, in the early 70s, when JS&A began, full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal cost about ten-grand (says Joe in his 1980 book, Success Forces), so perhaps this high-dollar advertising figure is possible.

Joe seems to basically be giving up on the Bally system. He offers quite a few options for people to get refunds or special offers on other JS&A products (for instance, getting a portable TV, worth more than the Bally, for an even trade if you don't want to continue to wait for your Bally Home Library Computer). Joe also offers to allow people to return the system a year later, which is pretty generous (certainly more than is required), but he doesn't go as far as offering a cash refund.

Joe is clearly willing to throw Bally under the bus at this point (arguably deservedly). Bally hasn't announced a cancellation of the add-on expansion, but he predicts (correctly) that it will never come out.

jsa_unable_to_fill_orders.pdf 11/27/1979 - Response from liquidation sale so strong that not all orders could be filled.
jsa-retraction_letter.pdf 1979 - Retraction letter of advertisement in Wall Street Journal.
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