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The Astrocade Display Kiosk

Assembly Instructions

Welcome to the online Astrocade display kiosk assembly instructions.  What
you'll find here is the set of instructions used to build an Astrocade point-
of-purchase display unit.  Included are scanned pictures of the drawings of
the Astrocade kiosk in various stages of assembly.

[Image of Figure 1]
Figure 1

1) It will be easiest to start by assembling the display on its back.
   Using 8, 1/4-20x2" black truss head screws, attach sides (Parts 1 and 2)
   to TV shelf (Part 3) and bottom box (Part 4). See Figure 1.

2) After removing protective paper covering, slide TV shield (Part 5) into
   plastic U-channel on inside wall of display.  NOTE: The drilled hole-
   pattern in the TV shield should be located in the bottom right-hand side of
   the TV area.

[Image of Figure 2]
Figure 2

3) Using 4 1/4-20x2" black truss-head screws, attach light box (Part 6) to top
   of display. See Figure 2.

4) Using 8 #6x3/4" pan-head phillips screws, attach back wall (Part 7) to
   front of lower wooden cleats.

5) Stand display upright.

[Image of Figure 3]
Figure 3

6) Insert 6 plastic shelf supports on inside of display.  See Figure 3.

7) Install Shelves (Part 14).

8) Place wire dividers (Part 9) on shelves.  Shelves are pre-drilled to hold
   the wire dividers in place.

9) Insert short-stops (Part 10) as needed.  The short-stops span two sections
   and will handle half or a quarter dozen cartridges.

[Image of Figure 4]
Figure 4

10) Hang door (Part 8) on hinge pins on left side of display.  See Figure 4.

11) Using 2 #8x3/8 pan-head phillips sheet metal screws, attach the literature
    pocket (Part 11) to the control shelf.

12. Self-adhesive Cable Clips are provided to keep the light-box electric cord
    out of the way.  Use the clips to direct the light cord down through the
    hole in the right rear corner of the TV shelf.  The power strip has its
    own off/on switch and the cord from the strip comes out of the back of the
    unit to your power source.