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AstroBASIC Audio Tape Interface Schematic (PDF) AstroBASIC Audio Tape Interface Schematic - Created by Richard Degler

Schematic for AstroBASIC Audio Tape Interface. A GIF version of this document is available here.
Bally / Astrocade Schematic (PDF) Bally/Astrocade Schematic

This is a new schematic of the Bally/Astrocade created by Ken Lill in August 2011 using OrCAD Schematic Capture. The main differences between this schematic and the schematic available in the the "Bally Service Manual" are "PINS" [I.E. Pin 15(26)]. All of those pins that had a (26) after them have the (26) truncated. That is the position on the edge connector of the original Printed Circuit Board, like it was shown in the manual. It is the 2 cutouts shown in the front of the unit (furthest from the joystick sockets). On the 10-pin edge-connector on the right side, the "Pins" have been renumbered to have a 100 prefix, like 101, 105, etc. Also, this schematic is actually HIGHLY readable and can be zoomed-in quite closely.
Bally BASIC Tape Interface Bally BASIC Tape Interface - By Bally

This two-page instruction sheet is for the Bally BASIC 300-BAUD audio tape interface. The main topics are:
1) Audio Cassette Playback
2) Volume Control Adjustment
3) Audio Cassette Record
4) Record / Playback Test
5) BASIC Commands
Bally Service Manual Bally Service Manual - By Bally

This is the official PA-1 Bally Service Manual that contains such useful information as System operation, Disassembly, Motherboard Parts List, Layout, Schematic and more. If your Bally Astrocade is broken and you have some electronics knowledge, then this should be just what you are looking for.

The main version of this pdf is a scanned version of the service manual. This manual has also been OCR'ed and is fully searchable. This OCR version is available here.

1) The Bally Arcade / Astrocade Parts Layout is available seperately in an easier to read format. Two versions are availabel: TIFF and GIF.

2) The Bally Arcade / Astrocade schematic is available seperately in an easier to read format. Two versions are availabel: TIFF and GIF.

Special Note: For some reason, Internet Explorer is unable to view these GIFs, but other broswers and applications have no trouble at.
SeaWolf II Parts Catalog with Schematics SeaWolf II Schematics SeaWolf II Parts Catalog with Schematics - By Bally

The arcade game Seawolf II is, basically, a hi-res Astrocade. Here are the schematics and the parts catalog (which also contains schematics). These may prove useful if you try to upgrade your Astrocade to hi-res (no small task!). Also, if you want to try hi-res, then using this arcade board is supposed to be the best way to go.
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