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RAM Expansion Unit for the Bally / Astrocade released in March of 2008.

Lil' White Ram Installation Guide CD Lil' White Ram, Installation Guide CD

Contains the instructions on how to use and install the Lil' White Ram hardware.
Lil' White Ram Instructions and Warranty Lil' White Ram, Instructions and Warranty

Eight pages of instructions (including pictures and installation procedure) along with warranty information for the Lil' White 32K RAM expansion.
Lil' White Ram Leaflet Lil' White Ram, Leaflet

"Thank You for Your Order" leaflet
Lil' White Ram - RAM Test Program Lil' White Ram, RAM Test Program

By Ken Lill. This will check all addresses from $5000 to $7FFF.
Lil' White Ram - Schematic Lil' White Ram, Schematic

Ken Lill's complete schematic for the Lil' White Ram (created in 2010). In January 2016, Ken created a parts list for the schematic which eliminated a few parts:
  1. Lil' White Ram Parts List
Astrocade Memory Expander Schematics Astrocade Memory Expander Schematic

This is version two of an original schematic, designed by Mike White, for an inexpensive memory upgrade project proposal by Mike White. Version two, this version, is from November 2004. Version one was from March 2002; it had errors and has been deleted. Eventually, in 2008, Ken Lill and Mike White created the Lil' White Ram based on a modified version of this schematic.
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