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Astro Warriors Astro Warriors
Battlespace Battlespace
Battle Cry Battle Cry

It would have been Battle Zone for the Astrocade!
Beaver Dam Beaver Dam

Brett says this was supposed to be Spectre Systems next product. This idea is well fleshed out.
Duck Range Duck Range
Game Ideas Letter Game Ideas Letter

Eight page game idea letter. Quite a bit of thought was put into this!
Some of the text for the idea "Lunar Base" is hard to read. Brett typed it up here.
Mazeway (3D Maze Game Idea) Mazeway (3D Maze Game Idea)

Brett says, "This was a starting attempt at doing a 3D maze game. Sort of like those plastic cubes that you have to work a marble through."
Read more about Brett's idea for this game here.
Space War Space War
Star Wars Star Wars

This is an odd-ball idea. I don't think any idea like this could ever work. What next... a movie?!?
Tail Gunner Tail Gunner

Based on the arcade game.
Unicorn Unicorn

After "Beaver Dam," this is the next-most fleshed out idea, this time about "Gregory the Cross-Eyed Unicorn."
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