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Zgrass Announcements ZGrass Announcements

Announcements pertaining to the ZGrass and UV-1.

UV-1 Folder ZGrass UV-1 Folder

This folder (for holding paper) is covered with pictures created on a UV-1. Since UV-1 pictures are so hard to find, this is probably the most you will ever see, so don't miss your chance.

ZGrass Documentation "ZGrass Documentation"

User Manuals on the ZGrass language and other miscellaneous ZGrass docs.

ZGrass Screenshots "ZGrass Screenshtos"

Screenshots of pictures created using ZGRASS.

UV-1 Folder "ZGrass / UV-1 Magazine Articles"

If one compared the Astrocade to the Atari 2600 for magazine coverage, you would find that there was an avalanche of articles that covered the Atari machine, but few that covered the Astrocade. The UV-1 was covered even less. Here are some of the articles that have come to light about the UV-1 and the language that it used, ZGrass. Special thanks to Tom Defanti for sending me photocopies of these articles (it seems like he had any mention of the UV-1 or ZGrass!).

Datamax, Inc. January 15, 1983 Price List "Datamax, Inc. January 15, 1983 Price List"

A ZGrass base unit cost $2,495. Systems were available for: $12,039, $16,144, and $17,344.

Datamax, UV-1 Letter "Datamax, Inc. UV-1 Letter"

Describes the features and options of the UV-1 Colorgraphics Computer. From the letter, "The UV-1 and ZGRASS - The UV-1 is a system for Audio Visual application and Real Time graphics displays. It is the most advanced graphic system with a user-oriented language. Ten years in development, it is the microcomputer most suited to producing visual on a television set."

Zgrass Postcard "Video Games to Video Art Postcard"

Viper Systems Z-GRASS Color Artwork Viper Systems Z-GRASS Color Artwork

This promotional picture for Viper System's unreleased version on the Z-GRASS hardware was on a business-sized card (about 3"x3") from the Bob Fabris Collection. The Z-GRASS hardware itself is nowhere in the picture. Perhaps this was meant to be a logo for the upcoming hardware. The small card was created from a large original oil painting.
  1. Viper Systems Z-GRASS Color Artwork - A TIF version of the picture. For archiving purposes.
Zgrass Graphics System "ZGrass UV-1 Graphics System Poster"

This poster, titled, "Bally's Low-Cost UV-1 Zgrass Graphics System," highlights many of the features that were touted when Bally was going to release the ZGrass system. When the UV-1 was released by Datamax, most of these features were included. The two images on the poster were created by Frank Dietrich and Copper Giloth.
  1. Bally's Low-Cost UV-1 Zgrass Graphics System (Text) - A file containing all of the textual descriptions from the UV-1 poster.
  2. Bally's Low-Cost UV-1 Zgrass Graphics System (JPG) - A high-quality picture, although to keep the filesize down, there is some loss of quality.
  3. Bally's Low-Cost UV-1 Zgrass Graphics System (TIF) - A 35 megabyte 300-dpi TIFF version of the poster. For archiving purposes.
Zgrass Information Group - Intro Letter "ZIG (Zgrass Information Group) - Intro Letter"

This introduction letter states the purpose of the ZIG organization. This document was included with a letter to Bob Fabris in 1983.
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