Bally Astrocade Color Table, as seen on an NTSC television (256 unique colors)
0x00 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07
0x00 (0x00)                
0x01 (0x08)                
0x02 (0x10)                
0x03 (0x18)                
0x04 (0x20)                
0x05 (0x28)                
0x06 (0x30)                
0x07 (0x38)                
0x08 (0x40)                
0x09 (0x48)                
0x0A (0x50)                
0x0B (0x58)                
0x0C (0x60)                
0x0D (0x68)                
0x0E (0x70)                
0x0F (0x78)                
0x10 (0x80)                
0x11 (0x88)                
0x12 (0x90)                
0x13 (0x98)                
0x14 (0xA0)                
0x15 (0xA8)                
0x16 (0xB0)                
0x17 (0xB8)                
0x18 (0xC0)                
0x19 (0xC8)                
0x1A (0xD0)                
0x1B (0xD8)                
0x1C (0xE0)                
0x1D (0xE8)                
0x1E (0xF0)                
0x1F (0xF8)                

Here is Franks's original posting about this color pallete:

From: Frank Palazzolo

Subject: Re: [ballyalley] Astrocade assembly (color mapping) help?
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 21:32:26 -0500


I got a lot of experience with the Astrocade palette when I worked out the colors for MESS.

A little while ago, Glenn Saunders put together some code which generates an HTML table with all the Atari 2600 colors in it. I liked the idea, and planned on making a table with the Astrocade colors in it as well.

Well, I finally slapped together a Python script which generated the web page, using the same equation as MESS. Here it is:

There are pop-up messages in IE with the actual color codes in it. I must admit that I stole the HTML code from Glenn, but I'm generating it completely differently :)

If you still have some trouble sorting out the color stuff, post your little Z80 program and I'll have a look. I still like Z80 assembly :)