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Arcadian - 10 Programs "Arcadian - 10 Programs"
About 1981.
16 Pages.

Compilation of ten programs that appeared formally in the Arcadian. The program may differ slightly from their original appearances in the "Arcadian," as they have been converted to work with AstroBASIC. The program, in order of appearance, are:
  1. Bagels - Carl Morimoto
  2. Connect Four - Larry Camnitz
  3. Bingo - Ernie Sams
  4. Horserace - Paul Slezak
  5. Fifteen - Bob Wiseman
  6. Logo - Guy McLimore
  7. Microtrek - Bill Andrus
  8. Nichomachus - Hank Chiuppi
  9. Reverse - Brett Bilbrey and Mike Toth
  10. Spirals II - Matt Giwer
Articles "Arcadian" Articles Compilation.
Information and Links Compiled by Adam Trionfo.
February 9, 2016.

This is a list of every article printed in the "Arcadian" newsletter. Although all of the main articles are listed here, there are some, perhaps lesser, articles that were not very long that are not included. Also, this list does not include any of the hundreds of printed type-in programs. The "Arcadian" tried to keep its readers updated on current news-- none of these news items (some of them quite lengthy) are listed here either. Do not consider this list all-inclusive; it is not. While it is mostly done, please consider it a work-in-progress. It was begun for my own personal reference-- it should be treated as such. The "Arcadian" has far more information than is cataloged here; don't be afraid to dig into back issues on your own.

'Arcadian' / 'Treasure Cove' Ad "Arcadian" / "Treasure Cove" Ad.

A two-page advertisement from the "Arcadian" newsletter directed at acquiring subscribers. Also advertised is the newly released "Treasure Cove" cartridge.

'Arcadian' Ad "Arcadian" Ad

An 11"x14" advertisement sent out for The Arcadian. Contains a complete listing of John Perkin's Artillery Duel as an example of the quality of the programs that the Arcadian publishes.
'Arcadian' Article Compilation "Arcadian" Article Compilation

This 26-page compilation contains 19 of the most useful and asked-for articles from volumes 1-6 of the "Arcadian" newsletter. This collection was created in 2004 to introduce people to the Astrocade.

The articles included are: A Few Well Aimed Pokes, Balcheck Drawing, Balcheck overview, Blue Ram BASIC - The 'OP' Command, Blue Ram Program, CHRDIS, CHRDIS in Extended Basic, Color Monitor Circuit, Creating Special Graphics, Direct Video Circuit Diagram, Krazy Koppen's Heat Sink, Magic Register, Monitor Connection, Motherboard Modifications, Overcoming Loading Problems, Power Supply, Pre-Tutorial, and Scrolling.

Letter to Bally Arcade/Astrocade Venders
Letter to Bally Arcade/Astrocade Venders.
By Bob Fabris.
January 1, 1983.

On December 30, 1982, Astrocade, Inc. declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Bob Fabris wrote this letter, hopefully of opportunity, to many of the venders who wrote software and created hardware for the Astrocade. Bob hoped to be able to carry the thousands of Astrocade users through the coming drought brought on by the declaration of bankruptcy. This one-page letter describes Bobs ideas on how to do this for Astrocade owners and distributors.

  1. Letter to Third Party Venders - Text Format (No Line-Breaks)
  2. Letter to Third Party Venders - Text Format (With Breaks)
Arcadian Volume 1 Index (Koritz) "Arcadian" Volume 1 Index.
By "Koritz."
ARCADIAN 2, no. 5 (Mar. 24, 1980): 40.

This index of "Arcadian" newsletter covers the complete volume 1 (Nov. 6, 1978 - Oct. 31, 1979).

The "Arcadian" newsletter printed indexes for its back issues for volumes 1-3. These indexes were created by readers-- not by Bob Fabris. Two indexes of volume 1 were sent to Bob, but he chose to only print one of them. This index of Volume 1 was printed in the "Arcadian." Though the author was not credited in the newsletter itself, he is credited in the "Bob Fabris collection" as "Koritz."

Arcadian Volume 1 Index (Bill Goodrich) "Arcadian" Volume 1 Index. (alt)
By Bill Goodrich.
January 5, 1980 - Unpublished.

This index of "Arcadian" newsletter covers the complete volume 1 (Nov. 6, 1978 - Oct. 31, 1979).

Two different authors sent indexes of the first volume of the "Arcadian" newsletter to Bob Fabris. One of them, not this one, was attributed to "Koritz" and was printed in ARCADIAN 2, no. 5 (Mar. 24, 1980): 40. This alternate index, by Bill Goodrich, was never printed. This index covers the same material in a similar format as the published index of "Arcadian" volume 1 by "Koritz," but since different authors write quite differently, both of these indexes are worth using for reference.

Arcadian Volume 2 Index (Rich Tietjens) "Arcadian" Volume 2 Index.
By Rich Tietjens.
Published in ARCADIAN 5, no. 1 (Nov. 5, 1982): 4.

This index of "Arcadian" newsletter covers the complete volume 2 (Nov. 29, 1979 - Sept. 17, 1980).

Rich Tietjens created two indexes for volume 2 of the "Arcadian," but only one was published. The Arcadian printed the index sorted by type. This index was printed as one page when reduced for publication in the Arcadian, but it was originally four pages long. Rich's other index, sorted by title, was never published. This eight-page index now brings both versions of the indexes (sorted by type and name) together into one document.

Arcadian Volume 3 Index (Rich Tietjens) "Arcadian" Volume 3 Index.
By Rich Tietjens.
Published in ARCADIAN 5, no. 2 (Dec. 3, 1982): 26.

This index of "Arcadian" newsletter covers the complete volume 3 (Nov. 6, 1980 - Oct. 5, 1981).

Rich Tietjens created his second index of the "Arcadian" newsletter when he indexed volume 3. Rich's originally submitted version of the index doesn't appear to be part of the "Bob Fabris Collection." Therefore, the index was scanned from the highest-quality source available: the cut & paste lay-out version of the December 1982 issue of the "Arcadian."

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