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     Hard to find newsletters and documentation in Adobe Acrobat format.

Maryland Users Group Newsletter (5-30-1979) Arcadian Local News (May 30, 1979)

This 4-page hand-written newsletter was written by Richard Belton and published by/for the Maryland Users Group. Among other topics, Richard discusses a phone call that he made to Bally Corp. asking about the memory add-on and keyboard expansion. Bally sent a letter to Richard, which he included in the newsletter.

Richard Belton included a six-page hand-written letter to Bob Fabris when he sent this newsletter to him.

Richard Belton Letter (5-29-1979)

The Printed Circuit (January 1979) Printed Circuit, The, Vol. 5, No. 1 (January 1979) - This 8-page newsletter was published by The Computer Hobbyists Group of North Texas. It doesn't seem to have anything about the Bally Arcade/Astrocade in it-- which doesn't mean it's not interesting to those interested in the Bally Arcade's history! From a handwritten note on the last page of this newsletter, I think that Bob Fabris had this in his collection because of the S-100 board specs that are presented in the newsletter. In the late 70's The Arcadian was tossing around the idea of making an S-100 bus upgrade available for the Bally, but nothing ever became of it in final form. Through personal letters from the Fabris Collection, it does appear that some work on it may have been begun, but I'm not sure how far it went.
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