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ADS Monitor ADS Monitor

Bally BASIC (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Bob Ogdon] Bally BASIC (Prototype)

Bally Pinball (Proto) Bally Pinball (Prototype)

Color BASIC (Front) Color BASIC (PCB - Front) Color BASIC (PCB - Back) Color BASIC

Conan the Barbarian Conan the Barbarian

Cosmic Raiders Cosmic Raiders Cosmic Raider (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[No_Version_Number] Cosmic Raider (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Ver 2-8] Cosmic Raider (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Ver 2-8][Soccer] Cosmic Raider (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Ver 3-5][Cart 1] Cosmic Raider (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Ver 3-5][Cart 2] Cosmic Raider (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Ver 3-6] Cosmic Raiders (Astrocade)(Back)(300DPI)[Resized from 72 DPI jpg] Cosmic Raiders (Astrocade)(Front)(300DPI)[Resized from 72 DPI jpg] Cosmic Raiders

Notice that some of these prototypes says, "Cosmic Raider" and not "Cosmic Raiders," which is the title of the game when it was released.
DNA Final Test (Front) DNA Final Test (PCB - Front) DNA Final Test (PCB - Back) Final Test (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Final Version] Final Test

Football (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Final Version] Football
Astrovision 'Galaxian' (Prototype)(Front) Astrovision 'Galaxian' (Prototype)(PCB) Galaxian
G.I. Joe (Prototype)(Outside) G.I. Joe (Prototype)(Inside) GI Joe - Artillery Duel

The owner bought this item from Joe Santulli who got it from Bill Kunkel of Electronic Games magazine. The title screen does not mention GI Joe-Artillery Duel.

Hot Rod Bally Basic (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[1985 Nov 9] Hot Rod Bally Basic (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[1985 Nov 9][PCB][Component Side] Hot Rod Bally Basic (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[1985 Nov 9][PCB][Solder Side] Hot Rod Bally Basic (Prototype)

Ken Lill says, "This is the extended BASIC that Vipersoft and Blue Ram BASICS were derived from. It was the original [BASIC for extended RAM,] written by Jay (Jamie) Fenton.

Incredible Wizard (Nitron Corp) Incredible Wizard (Proto - 8-24) Incredible Wizard (Prototypes)

Ms Candyman and Sea Devil (Astrocade)(300DPI)[Multicart] Ms Candyman and Sea Devil Multicart (Prototype)
Music Maker (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Ver 3-7][DNA] Music Maker (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Ver 3-7][DNA](alt) Music Maker (Prototypes)
Pirate's Chase (Proto) Pirate's Chase (Prototype)
Rainbow (Ver. 2) Rainbow (Ver. 2)
Soccer (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Action Graphics] Soccer (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Action Graphics][8-5] Soccer (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Action Graphics][Ver 3-7] Soccer-Dribbling (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Very Old] Soccer (1982)(Action Graphics)[PCB][Component Side][6BDB] Soccer (1982)(Action Graphics)[PCB][Solder Side][6BDB] Soccer (1982)(Action Graphics)[PCB][Component Side][6BDB](alt) Soccer (1982)(Action Graphics)[PCB][Solder Side][6BDB](alt) Soccer (Prototypes)
Soccer / Dribbling (Prototype)
Solor Conqueror (Front) Solor Conqueror (Back) Solar Conqueror 'Test Program' (Front) Solar Conqueror 'Test Program' (PCB) Solar Conqueror (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Action Graphics][Ver 2-8](alt) Solar Conqueror (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Action Graphics][Ver 2-8](alt1) Solar Conqueror (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Action Graphics][Ver 2-8] Solar Conqueror (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Action Graphics][Ver 2-9] Solar Conqueror (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Plain Label] Solar Conqueror (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[Plain Label][Chicago CES 1982] Solar Conqueror (1982)(Action Graphics)[PCB][Component Side] Solar Conqueror (1982)(Action Graphics)[PCB][Solder Side] Solar Conqueror
Songs Songs (Astrocade)(300DPI)(Proto)[DNA Proto] Songs (Prototypes)
Space Fortress (Proto) Space Fortress (Prototype)

Paul Thacker says, "When I dumped it [the Space Fortress with DNA label], the ROM was the same as the commercial release."
Space Invaders (Proto) Space Invaders (Prototype)

This prototype ROM's contents are 2K, and not the 4K of the commercial release. There are also many differences from the released version.
Tests Tests
Vipersoft BASIC Cartridge Vipersoft BASIC Cartridge PCB Vipersoft BASIC

Notice that this cartridge has an internal tape port, like the one found on AstroBASIC. The owner of this cartridge is not sure if the mini-jack port functions for either or both loading programs with :INPUT (for 300-BAUD) or LOAD (for 2000-BAUD).

Paul Thacker made some brief notes about this Vipersoft BASIC prototype cart on June 19, 2014. They are here.

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