Assembled by Mike White Software

In the last issue of The Arcadian newsletter (Vol. 7, issue 4, Aug. 15, 1986)
a full page ad by "Mike White Software" ran on page 87 that announced a new
service.  In part, it read:

"As of January 1st 1986 a new service has begun! Any taped AB or BRB program
that you would like to see in a cartridge can be done for only $9.95 a
cartridge!  This does not mean that the programs will be improved.  It means
that we've discovered a way to put BASIC into cartridge and make it run!!"

Many programs were listed that were available, plus a customer could send ANY
program on tape and have it turned into a cartridge.  He also had permission,
from Astrocade (through Dave Carson) to provide any released cartridge as
well.  Not only that, but Mike had access to many prototype cartridges
(notably Bowling, Checkers, Conan the Barbarian, and Soccer).  He created
these cartridges for many, many years.  It is likely that many so-called
prototype cartridges are actually cartridges created by Mike White Software.
Mike White Software's five-page catalog can be viewed here:
White White Software Catalog (Five Pages)
This section is meant to avoid confusion that surrounds these cartridges.
These cartridges are NOT prototypes themselves, but they may be COPIES of
prototypes that were created with permission of Astrovision.  This puts them
into a shaky category for collectors that I don't claim to understand.
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