Astrocade Multicart
By Ward Shrake

     Two pictures of the Astrocade multicart, front and back. This cartridge was created in 2002 by Ward Shrake. The cartridge has 86 ROM images (not all of which are usable without extra RAM or another version of BASIC called Blue Ram BASIC). An announcement was made to the Bally Alley discussion board on January 1, 2003 that ends the production of the multicart.

From:  Ward Shrake
Date:  Wed Jan 1, 2003  1:58 am 
Subject:  Bally multicarts are now SOLD OUT.
Hi all. The Bally Astrocade multicarts that Ward Shrake used to make
are now officially SOLD OUT. No more will be made.

I had also picked the end of 2002 as the date I planned to "retire"
from any work related to games, computers or the Internet. I'm now in
that retirement mode now, so I'll wish you guys luck and enjoyment
with everything, one last time here. Later! :-)

Ward Shrake 
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Astrocade Multicart - Front Astrocade Multicart - Front. Note the early serial number. This cartridge was originally owned by Adam Trionfo.
Astrocade Multicart - Back Astrocade Multicart - Back. Note that the back label (which looks like a cut-away view of the inside of the cartridge) was only included on the early multicarts. These early multicarts were placed inside of Bally cartridges, and not the later third party cartridges. Check a Bally cartridge; you'll notice that there is room for a label, but only the multicart ever used that area.
Astrocade Multicart - Front (Inside PCB) Astrocade Multicart - Front (Inside PCB)

Alternate 300dpi version.
Astrocade Multicart - Back (Inside PCB) Astrocade Multicart - Back (Inside PCB)

Alternate 300dpi version.