Dave Ibach's Collection

     Astrocade cassettes for Bally BASIC (or AstroBASIC) are quite hard to come by... so here are some pictures of some to whet your appetite for them.

     These tapes are from the collection of Dave Ibach. This does not necessarily mean that the programs that are on the tape are by him.

   Notes about these tapes from Paul Thacker (September 30, 2007):

   I scanned all of the tapes I got from David Ibach. It's still
not clear what all is on some of these, as I don't have a RAM
expansion to test code for the General Video Assembler. So, these
scans do have some of the few clues we have in their labeling. Adam
mentioned the General Video Assembler master tape. There's also a
commercial GVA tape re-used for the mysterious Honey Bear (seems to
have never gotten past a menu, whatever it was). I thought some of
them might be interesting because they have unpublished programs on
them. These are probably the only tape scans we'll get for Contest
Entry/Bug Puzzle #2 Solution and Tree, since the programs were
probably only on these tapes! The Avalanche/Hang Up tape is also
interesting because it has a date on it and a previously unknown
program, Hang Up. I don't know if this is actually the final version
of Avalanche, since David Ibach may have gotten it early from Steve
Walters, the other half of General Video.
Amazin Maze Amazin Maze Avalanche! and Hang Up Avalanche! and Hang Up
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Frog Leap 0 Frog Leap 0 (and others) General Video Assembler (for Manufacture) General Video Assembler (for Manufacture)
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