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Counter Display

     Bally "Fun & Brains" counter display.

Bally 'Fun & Brains' Counter Display (with Console on Top 1)

Bally 'Fun & Brains' Counter Display (with Console on Top 2)

Bally 'Fun & Brains' Counter Display (with Demo Cart)

Bally 'Fun & Brains' Counter Display (in box with Demo Cart

Bally 'Fun & Brains' Counter Display (Side View)

Bally 'Fun & Brains' Counter Display (Set Up Instructions)

Bally "Fun & Brains" Counter Display.
Circa 1978/1979.

This is the plastic base unit of the Bally "Fun & Brains" counter display. The "Bally Fun & Brains Counter Display Set Up Instructions" show a drawing of the header card for use with the base unit, but that card is not shown here.

Also seen here is the 4K "Dealer Demo" cartridge (#6001) that was made by Bally Mfg. Corp. in 1978 and is part of the Functional Series. The cartridge runs about four minutes (continuous loop) and features the "built in" software of the Bally console. The demo was written by Dick Ainsworth.

On November 2, 2020, Jason Leyanna wrote on the Bally Alley Astrocade discussion group, "I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this complete like this before: Demo Cart with Counter Display [...] Also attached are the instructions pictured."
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In the same thread, Ken Lill added, "Those displays were in places like Sears, Montgomery Wards, etc. They would have it running thruout the day."

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