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pic pic Bally Arcade/Astrocade Consoles
Displayed on Vintage TVs

     Bally Arcade/Astrocade consoles displayed and played on vintage televisions.

Bally Arcade with Crazy Climber on Admiral Super Cascade TV

Bally Arcade with Goldfish Demo on Admiral Super Cascade TV

Admiral Super Cascade TV (Tubes)

Admiral Vintage TV Collection

Bally Arcade/Astrocade Displayed on 1956 Admiral Super Cascade TV.
Posted to Astrocade Discussion Group by Matt Pilz.
September 9, 2021.

When Matt Pilz posted these three pictures, here:

"Current state of Composite/S-Video/RGB mods?" Thread

he wrote:

"A couple years back I picked up a 1950s B&W Admiral console set in great despair. Rather than gutting it and turning it into some lifeless exhibit, I went down the rabbit hole of learning vintage television repair. Six months later and a lot of painstaking work I managed to restore it back to original factory condition. I love old B&W sets especially from the 40s-60s.

"And yes, the Bally works just great on it via direct RF coaxial, virtually no noise ??. A 65 year old set running a 43 year old game console in the year 2021 is pretty awesome."

On June 29, 2023 Matt Pilz posted a picture of his Admiral vintage TV collection, here:

"Added Astrocade Displayed on 1950's Admiral TV to BallyAlley.com " Thread

he wrote:

"Very cool that you've added those photos and a new section to the site, Adam! 1970s is definitely considered solid vintage, at 45+ years old. I am part of various vintage CRT/TV groups and it's becoming more common to consider any tube TV to be vintage since even late model ones are approaching 20 years old, while others consider pre-2000s the cut-off point. Groups specific to “antiques” are more tailored to 1940s-1960s sets. It’s always fun pairing era-matched TVs with systems to get the purest sense of what it was like using it at the time. I recently picked up a 1978 colored Sony Trinitron and repaired it to working order, as well as a 1982 Panasonic composite computer monitor that works great on these 70s-80s systems.

"The 1956 Admiral in those photos is still going strong. I have added additional even older ones to my collection since then, as recently as last weekend. The photo attached shows my current Admiral sets. The portable on top is also a 1956, while the bakelite styles are 1948-1949 models. They all need full servicing and recaps before they will even power on, but the CRTs test very strong in all of them so I am confident with enough time I will be able to restore them all! Finding time on the other hand..."

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