Bally Multi-Cart Demo Unit

Multi-Cart Demo Unit (POP-CT0100)
By Bally Mfg. Corp.

Allows input of eight game cartridges and offers the option to switch and play any of them or automatically cycle through them. Used by dealers for demo purposes.

The pictures of this unit were taken by Allen Skaggs. Here are some additional details that he posted about the pictures on March 1, 2008:

"Here's 2 photos of an item I have here. (Somewhere)
This is out of the equally rare ASTROCADE kiosk.
Pics were captured by an 8mm video camera many years ago.

The larger 50 pin ribbon cable connected onto the ASTROCADEs
rear expansion slot.
The smaller ribbon cable takes a simple 12 key, calculator style
keypad connected with a header. (Keypad was missing when I acquired this.)
I have been able to similate the keypad presses with a jumper to a ground 
lead and one to an active lead. (Enables me to switch games.)

It is powered by a separate supply."
Multi-Cart Demo Unit thumbnail Bally Multi-Cart Demo Unit.
Multi-Cart Demo Unit (Label) thumbnail Bally Multi-Cart Demo Unit, label close-up.