Astrocade Store Kiosk

"This was the dealers display cabinet, intended for small shops and large 
department stores. Made by the Santa Cruz Wire and Mfg. Co., this kiosk stood 
over five feet tall and resembled a coin-op cabinet.  It came wired for 110 
volts for use with the Astrocade and a TV (not included with the unit).  There
was a cartridge selector inside for up to ten game cartridges to be 
demonstrated (with a time limit); a "10 key" switch selected which cartridge 
was played."

     - Michael White, Bally-Astrocade Game Cartridge and Hardware FAQ
"Fun facts about the kiosk:
   1. The assembled kiosk is six feet high, two feet four inches wide, and two
      feet deep at the floor.  At its deepest point (where the system sits),
      it is approximately three feet deep.
   2. The kiosk weighs approximately 170 pounds assembled.  That's without the
      television, Astrocade system, and games! It's a very sturdy piece!
   3. The marquee of the kiosk is lighted - just like an arcade game."

     - From "Rick and Patty Online!"
Astrocade Kiosk 1 Astrocade Kiosk 2 Astrocade Kiosk 3 Astrocade Store Kiosk

These were found on a non-Astrocade site called "Rick and Patty Online!," here
Astrocade Kiosk (B&W Picture) Astrocade Store Kiosk (Grayscale).

Notice that "The Incredible Wizard" cartridge running for promotion.
This picture is quite large (1.8MB).
Astrocade Kiosk 2 Homebrew Astrocade Store Kiosk

This homebrew Astrocade Kiosk was built by Curt Vendel and was displayed at the Philly Classic 3 (April 26-27, 2002).

In April of 2002 Curt posted several articles about how he created three different store kiosks for three classic game systems: Astrocade, Colecovision, and Odyssey 2. The article on his website,, is here.

With Curt's permission I have added a local version of the Astrocade Kiosk section to, here.