Fawn Dungeon Prototype

Ward Shrake dumped the prototype of Fawn Dungeon. He needed to repair a leg on the EPROM to get a proper dump. These are pictures of the repair in progress. Here is his edited original posting to the Astrocade discussion group about this subject. I edited the posting so that all of it is pertinent to the pictures:

From: ward_shrake
Received: Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:47 AM 
Subject: Re: Fawn Dungeon - 2''nd Version
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I then did a fairly straight-forward-but-somewhat-advanced repair: in
essence, I made a new leg to replace one that was missing. A section of
26 gauge, single-strand wire was partially stripped; then partially
tinned. I bent it around the chip, so that the tinned section was near
the area I wanted it to be attached to: with the rest of the wire just
there because it's a heck of a lot easier to control the repair work if
you can get your fingers around a part, instead of using tweezers. I
put the work in a third-hand holding device (with the alligator clips
holding the excess wire onto the chip, reasonably tightly). I used a
small screwdriver to apply gentle pressure to another portion of the
wire that wasn't in my way; and then heated the two parts for a few
seconds, using a temperature-controlled Weller soldering station.

I sort of wicked most of the excess solder along the wire and away from
the important repair area; then let it cool down for a few minutes.
(Sort of like a kid wiping his nose on his sleeve; except with solder.)
The final step was to carefully cut the wire down to its final length,
using some sharp wire strippers that also work like strong scissors.


Ward Shrake

Ward's posting is much more in-depth than what is included above. For complete information about the fix, read the whole posting on the Bally Alley Yahoo Group.

Bally_Fawn-Dungeon-proto-01 Making a new leg out of 26-guage wire.
Bally_Fawn-Dungeon-proto-02 The new leg ready to be cut to proper length.
Bally_Fawn-Dungeon-proto-03 EPROM after the fix.
Bally_Fawn-Dungeon-proto-04 Fixed EPROM inserted back into the cartridge board.