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People in Community
Brett Bilbrey with MBUG Brett Bilbrey with MBUG
April 2012

     This picture was taken on the last weekend of April 2012 when Brett was in Michigan for his father's memorial. Brett says, "I checked, and folks said it was OK to use the picture." Most of these people were member of MBUG (Michigan Bally User's Group).

     The people in the picture (left to right), are:

     Marion and Anne Nelepa
     Mike and Barb Toth
     Joe and Patti Borrello
     Brett Bilbrey and his wife Ann Bilbrey
     George and Meline Moses

Fred Cornet (from the Cursor) Fred Cornet

     This is the publisher of the Cursor newsletter (AKA BASIC Express). This picture was developed in January of 1980 and was provided by Brett Bilbrey.

Ken Lill and Mike White with White Astrocades Ken Lill and Mike White with White Astrocades

     Two people from the early 1980 Astrocade era (and still talking about the Astrocade today). This picture was taken in November 2011. Ken Lill is on the left, and Mike White is on the right.

     With this picture, emailed on November 27, 2011, Ken wrote:

     "This is the only picture we know in existence of 2 working "whities" at the same time. His he has had since the 80's, mine I've had since October, 2011. I needed to do minor repair to get mine up and running, but it does work. Both came with the FULL top metal sheild. His has survived all of these years with it on. He doesn't use it much now, but he DID use it to write Quadra!"

     This picture is quite large (2.4MB), but I didn't want to downgrade it (and get additional JPG artifacting), so I kept it in the original size and format.

Mike White with Friends (July 4'th weekend, 1985)

Mike White with Friends (July 4'th weekend, 1985)
Mike White with Friends (July 4'th weekend, 1985)

     The people in order of appearance, from left to right, are: Leroy G. Flamm, Mike White, Don Gladden, and Tim White

     A more detailed account of this picture can be read here.

WARPITOUT - By Jane Veeder Jane Veeder

     Jane Veeder with her WARPITOUT machine. Picture taken in 1982.
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