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Astrocade Homebrew Games

These are screenshots of games that are in-progress or that are unfinished.

Here are some comments from Steve (Gorfian), the homebrew programmer of Astro
Invasion, Gorf, UFO and WarBirds:

[WarBirds is] actually a mixture of Gorf, Phoenix and Demon Attack with a few
twists.  The Bally does not handle a lot of objects real well though so it
won't be as good as the 7800 version.  None of these are really that far ahead
to make it worthy of a video, plus it's running off an emulator and there
really is no good way to make videos from one that I know of, or at least that
I am capable of at the moment.

Steve has no plans to finish any of his Bally / Astrocade games, nor does he
plan to release the unfinished ROM images or source code.  To read a local
version of the full thread, read here.

Astro Invasion - By Steve (Gorfian)

Astro Invasion
Astro Invasion - A Space Invaders Clone

Gorf - By Steve (Gorfian)

Gorf - Astro Battles Gorf - Laser Attack
Gorf - Mission 1: Astro Battles
Gorf - Mission 2: Laser Attack
Gorf - Galaxians Gorf - Flagship
Gorf - Mission 3: Galaxians
Gorf - Mission 5: Flagship

UFO - By Steve (Gorfian)

UFO - A Clone of the Magnavox

WarBirds - By Steve (Gorfian)

WarBirds - A mixture of Gorf, Phoenix and Demon Attack
with a few twists

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