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Bally Chess Board - John Collins

Bally Chess Board
Bally Chess Board - It Really DOES Look Like Chess!

Bangman - Ernie Sams

bangman_01.gif bangman_02.gif
Bangman - Finished Guessing Letters
Bangman - Oops! Wrong guess!

Battlestar Galactica

battlestar_galactica_01.gif battlestar_galactica_02.gif
Battlestar Galactica - Title Screen
Battlestar Galactica - Ready to Fire at Ship

Biorhythms - W&W Software Sales

Biorhythms - Enter Today's Date

Biorhythms and Moonlanding - Cursor & Seebree's Computing

biorhythm-moonlanding_01.gif biorhythm-moonlanding_02.gif
Biorhythms and Moonlanding - Loading
Biorhythms and Moonlanding - Titlescreen (1)
biorhythm-moonlanding_03.gif biorhythm-moonlanding_04.gif
Biorhythms and Moonlanding - Titlescreen (2)
Biorhythms - Data Entry Screen
biorhythm-moonlanding_05.gif biorhythm-moonlanding_06.gif
Biorhythms - Chart
Moonlanding - Loading
biorhythm-moonlanding_07.gif biorhythm-moonlanding_08.gif
Moonlanding - Darn it! Crashed... again!
Moonlanding - Ship Flying Overhead
biorhythm-moonlanding_09.gif biorhythm-moonlanding_10.gif
Moonlanding - Landed, but too hard!
Moonlanding - Landed, just right!
biorhythm-moonlanding_11.gif biorhythm-moonlanding_12.gif
Moonlanding - Blast off!
Moonlanding - Returning to Ship... I hope!

Bit-Mapping Demo - L&M Software

Bit-Mapping Demo 1 Bit-Mapping Demo 2
Bit-Mapping Demo - Title Screen
Bit-Mapping Demo - Brief Instructions
Bit-Mapping Demo 3
Bit-Mapping Demo - An Idea Ahead of It's Time!

Black Hole - Ron Picardi

Black Hole 1 Black Hole 2
Black Hole - Title Screen
Black Hole - Skill-Level Select
Black Hole 3 Black Hole 4
Black Hole - Game in Play
Black Hole - More of the Game in Play

Black Lagoon II - L&M Software

black_lagoon_II_01.gif black_lagoon_II_02.gif
Black Lagoon II - Play Screen (1)
Black Lagoon II - Play Screen (2)
Black Lagoon II - Play Screen (3)


bowling_01.gif bowling_02.gif
Bowling - Play Screen (1)
Bowling - Play Screen (2)

Bowling - W&W Software Sales

Bowling (v2)
Bowling - Get Ready for a Strike!

Bowling Secretary - New Image

Bowling Secretary
Bowling Secretary - Everything you need except the bowling alley!

Buddah's Boggler - W&W Software Sales

Buddah's Boggler
Buddah's Boggler - How Many Moves Will It Take You?

Buggin' BC - Dave Ibach and George Moses

Buggin' BC (Dave Ibach and George Moses)_01 Buggin' BC (Dave Ibach and George Moses)_02
Buggin' BC - Title Screen
Buggin' BC - Take Aim...
Buggin' BC (Dave Ibach and George Moses)_03
Buggin' BC - ...but you missed!
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