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Download digitally archived Bally / Astrocade tape programs that will load with AstroBASIC (the BASIC with the built-in tape-interface).

"Each of the fourteen program sets described herein are designed to be both fun and challenging. These two words are what Super Software is all about. Our games offer never-ending fun with the use of 4-color graphics, 3-voice music, and machine language characters. All of our programs feature 'Skill Sence', a process which makes the game more difficult as the player's skill increases. We look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for your interest in our products." - BALLY/ASTRO PROFESSIONAL ARCADE SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE SOURCEBOOK (Summer 1982): G29.

The game descriptions come from advertisements (SOURCEBOOK, Summer 1982 and Spring 1984), brief overviews (SOURCEBOOK, Fall 1980) and the Arcadian newsletters.

The Guard The Guard (possibly known as Crossfire).
By Unknown (possibly Super Software).
2000-Baud, AstroBASIC.

Archived from a tape in the Nate Reeder Collection in August/September 2021

This is a game, from an audio tape called "Elvis' Worldwide Gold Award Hits," but all the music has been erased, and it has a piece of tape on it that says only "10A;" therefore the name of this Bally Arcade/Astrocade game isn't known.

This program flashes "The Guard" in a large font at the start. You can move the character sprite up and down with the joystick. The screen wraps at the top and bottom. You can fire left or right with the joystick. Enemies approach from the side, which you can shoot to gain oxygen. Sometimes lasers fire at you from the side. Occasionally, obstacles pop up along your path that you have to avoid, or more helpfully extra oxygen pickups. You lose a life when you get hit or run out of oxygen.

Lazer Blazer Lazer Blazer.
By Super Software (Robert Rosenhouse).
ARCADIAN 5, no. 6 (Apr. 4, 1983): 102-103.
AstroBASIC, 2000-BAUD.

Archived from a tape in the Nate Reeder Tape Collection.

Lazer Blazer is a game of skill. The object is to destroy each of the lazer outposts before being hit yourself. The game uses joystick one. To move your spaceship, move the joystick in that direction. To fire straight down, pull the trigger. To fire at an angle, pull the trigger AND move the joystick at the same time. The first round consists of three bases. When you destroy all of them, you will receive bonus points, and will go on to the next round. If you take too long to complete a round, you will hear a warning sound. After the warning sound, you will only have a few seconds with which to hit the remaining base(s). Each game consists of three turns, with a bonus turn awarded at each interval of 2,500 points.

Starship Bally Starship Bally.
By Super Software (Robert Rosenhouse).
Bally BASIC to AstroBASIC, 2000-Baud Conversion.

Overview from the Summer 1982 issue of The Sourcebook: "Find the enemy and guide your ship so that he is in your sights, and blast him with a photon torpedo."

"Starship Bally" had an official update to AstroBASIC in 1982, where it was renamed to "Starship Astro," but this version of the game has not been archived at this time (October 2021).

This Bally BASIC to AstroBASIC conversion was done by Adam Trionfo on October 6, 2021. Several threads came about because of it on the Astrocade discussion group on See the included document in this archive for extensive information on this program and links to threads on the discussion group.

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