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     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with AstroBASIC (the BASIC with the built-in tape-interface).

Program Name Source Comments
Catch the Bomb Tape 9010 April 1982
Tape 1982. A gambling game.
Claustrophobia Tape 9010 October 1982
Color TV Test Tape 1 Puts 4 colours on screen.
Dice Experiment Tape 1 Rolls a die x number of times and prints the results.
Guess Five
Guess Five
A Mastermind-type game.
Hand Control Test Tape 3005 October 1982
Haunted House Tape SB-G4 Nine loads
Missile Defense Tape 3
A Missile Command copy, but with a few different twists. You don't fire missiles, you put "missile blockers" and you're NOT free to roam the whole screen.

Nam-Cap Tape 1500 Includes a review. The name of this program is Pac-Man spelled backwards. These are six different versions of this maze game: 1: Up-Chuck, 2: Faster, 3: Faster, yet!, 4: Invisible, 5: Multiplying Ghosts, 6: Moving Ghosts
Nuclear Math Tape 2, 1981 Nuclear Math
Released: 1981
Source: Tape 2

Math flash cards.

This program had an error when it ended, but Paul Thacker fixed it in May of 2011. The title screen was restored using Mike White's "Repacker."
Tape 2
Try to draw your gun on the signal faster that your opponent 1 or 2 players.

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue "Freebies" Tape.
This program was found in the Bob Fabris Collection on hand-labeled tape from New Image that says "Freebies". It was never published as far as can be determined.

Riddle Tape 2 (#1002) "Riddle"
By New Image (Don Gladden)
Tape 2 (#1002)
Archived from tapes in Bob Fabris and Richard Houser Collections.

     New Image's tape #1002 contains "Quickdraw" and "Skunk." Included on this tape as a bonus is "Riddle."

     Riddle (1982)(New Image)(2000 baud)(PD).zip - Archived from commercial tape #1002 in Richard Houser's collection.

     The other version could be a prototype, or maybe just an alternate. I'm never fully confident of how to name the files when I don't have all the information, but really the best I can do is just pick one and then note everything I'm unsure about so it can be included in the archive notes.

     Riddle (198x)(New Image)(2000 baud)(PD)[a].zip -- Found in Bob Fabris collection on hand-labeled tape from New Image that says "Freebies". Riddle was included as a bonus on New Image's Quickdraw tape, and perhaps on others. This version is possibly a prototype.

RND Art I Tape 3
By Chris Williams.
1) RND Art II: The Stairs to the Temple (v1)
2) RND Art II: The Stairs to the Temple (v2)
Tape 3 By Chris Williams. There are unknown differences between this/these version(s) and other archived version(s).
RND Art III Tape #9010 October 1982. By Chris Williams.
Saucer Attack Tape 3
In this arcade space action game, saucers are trying to land all around you and if five of them do, you're sunk! You can zap 'em two different ways, but you've got to be fast! The difficulty incrases as you rack-up points. For one player using one hand control.

Sicko-Therapy Tape 1 A computer psychoanalyst (ELIZA on TRS-80). ELIZA is probably a bit more serious than the New Image one. From the Sourcebook entry (Summer 1982 G-24), it looks like the title is just "Sicko-Therapy" (Not "Sicko-Therapy 1").
Sicko-Therapy (Session II)    
Tape 2 Some kind of dice game 1-4 players.
Sloshed! Tape 1112 Check out the title screen on this one. The game isn't worth playing because your guy moves in random directions because he's 'sloshed.'
State Abbreviations Test Tape 9010 October 1982
Who Buys The Cokes??
Who Buys The Cokes??
Tape 1982. The object of this unusual guessing game is to not be the one to guess the computer's number. The player who guesses it has to buy the Cokes! You may pick the high limit to the number the computer picks.
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