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Download digitally archived Bally / Astrocade tape programs that will load with Bally BASIC (the BASIC without the built-in tape-interface).

Bowling Secretary
Bowling Secretary
"Bowling Secretary"
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Tape, Bob Fabris Collection.

     The "Bowling Secretary" program was written to help figure individual and team averages and handicaps for an entire bowling league. It was offered both as a standard version and, for a higher price, with your team already entered.
  1. Bowling Secretary - BASIC Listing and Instuctions
Haunted House "Haunted House"
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1981, TAPE #SG1.

     Come on in!!!

     You have just entered the Haunted House. To win the game, you must find a way to get out (the door has locked behind you). You may enter any of 8 rooms in the house. In the rooms you will have the chance to examine six different items. One of the items in one of the rooms will lead you out. Also, at times you will receive clues, but you have to figure out what they mean. (We're not telling.)
  1. Haunted House - Instructions
Nuclear Math "Nuclear Math"
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     Math flash cards.
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