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Download digitally archived Bally / Astrocade tape programs that will load with Bally BASIC (the BASIC without the built-in tape-interface).

Computer Crochet "Computer Crochet"
By Tiny Arcade
ARCADIAN, 4, no. 8 (June 11, 1982): 82.

     Computer Crochet is a simple art program.
Quadron "Quadron"
By Tiny Arcade
1982, Tape 100, Supertape I, and ARCADIAN 6, no. 10 (August 24, 1984): 91-92.

     On December 18, 2011, Paul Thacker commented, "After playing the 2000 Bd version, this one feels much too slow."
  1. "Quadron," Instructions
Space Gauntlet
Space Gauntlet.
Space Gauntlet
By Tiny Arcade
1982, Tape 100.

Here is a game description from the Winter/Spring 1984 Sourcebook:

"You're at the controls of an interstellar cruiser patrolling a remote sector of the galaxy when you encounter the local inhabitants. These denizens of deep space don't "cotton" to strangers and they arrange themselves into two columns, firing missiles and daring you to survive their deadly gauntlet. The longer you survive, the closer the two columns of alien nasties approach (making it more difficult to avoid their missiles). Exiting graphics and excellent play value. One player."

Star Siege "Star Siege"
By Tiny Arcade

     This is a good Space Invaders-style game, though there's no real reason not to stick to the 2000 baud version.

     From the manual: "A large mother ship arrives over the player's planet and disgorges six bomb-toting aliens. The creatures drop their bombs one at a time, in random order. The player must maneuver the knob-controlled laser base under the falling bomb and intercept it before it hits and destroys the planet."

     Includes regular and revised versions. The revised version is a slight improvement over the regular version. It has different sound and you can start a new game by pulling the trigger rather than hitting a key.

  1. "Star Siege," (Color Scan)
  2. "Star Siege," Instructions (Text Version)
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