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Download digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with Bally BASIC. This is the original version of Bally BASIC that requires the external 300-Baud tape-interface.

Color Wheel Color Wheel.
By Dick Ainsworth.
Bally BASIC Manual, Pages 97 and 113.
AstroBASIC Manual, Page 65.

Here is a color wheel you will use often because it helps you select colors and their numbers. Moving the number one joystick left and right selects the color. Moving it forward and backward selects the intensity. Pulling the trigger gives you a printout on the screen that shows that particular color number (0 to 31) color intensity (0 to 7) and the computer number (0 to 255). These numbers refer to the background color only. The foreground color is adjusted automatically so that you can read the numbers.

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