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     Download non-digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with Bally BASIC (the BASIC without the built-in tape-interface).
     All of these programs are available in the faster 2000-BAUD format as well. You can download those here:

     Esoterica Ltd. 2000-BAUD Download Area

Big City Slick Big City Slick.
Tape 3, w/ Great American Jigsaw (July 1981)

This game gives you topographic features and asks for major cities. Red, White and Blue graphics for a patriotic feel.

Bomb Squad Bomb Squad.
Tape 2, w/ Wildcatter (May 1981)

A bomb has been discovered at police headquarters. In order to disarm it you will need: the eye of an eagle, the steady hand of a brain surgeon, the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes, and the heart of a Kamikaze pilot. Oh yes, you will also need BADCOR (Bomb Analyzing Disposable Computerized Robot). Can you diffuse the bomb before it blows up?

Fox & Hounds Fox & Hounds.
Tape 4, w/ Treasure Island (May 1981)

Fox & Hounds is a classic new version of an old game. It's you with 4 pieces against the computer with only one! Move 'checkers style' to prevent the computer from intruding your territory. We guarantee that you will not beat the computer twice in a row.

Garbersville Garbersville.
Tape 5, w/ Ten Pins (Apr 1982)

GARF is attacking Garbersville! You are the only hope for defense of its good citizens. Will your missiles intercept his bombs in time to save this strategic outpost?

Great American Jigsaw, The Great American Jigsaw, The.
Tape 3, w/ Big City Slick (July 1981)

Everybody knows where California, Texas and Florida are located, but can you identify the state which the computer has selected at random and drawn in the lower left hand corner of the map? It is surely easy with seven choices from which to pick, but if you really need help the computer will assist you by showing its exact location. 10 pts for the geographer and 5 pts for the duffer. We give you the three easy states and the other 45 go together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Mini Golf Mini Golf.
Tape 1, W/ Starship Command (aka Star Trek) (Mar 1981)

Your miniature, six hole putt-putt golf course is designed to provide a fun, fast paced evening of competition for up to four players at a time. While each hole varies in difficulty, each also has a maximum par of six so that time is not wasted while one player chases his ball all over the green.

Star Trek (aka Starship Command) Star Trek
(aka Starship Command)
Tape 1, w/ Mini Golf (Mar 1981)

You are sitting at the helm of the 400,000 metric ton starship looking through the front viewing screen into deep space. It is a weary ship. You have already destroyed a Klingon outpost and have just done battle with a Class 1 cruiser. Suddenly a siren sounds "Red Alert." "Klingon Battle Cruiser" flashes across the sensor read out and suddenly the vessel appears on the screen, very small at first, but getting bigger as he approaches. He's attacking at Warp Factor 6! Before you react, the enemy fires! An alarm sounds! Engineering reports the hit damages the photon torpedoes. The forward shield is still weakened from the last battle. Another blast fills the screen as it's about to hit. You must act quickly! You are not yet in phaser range. What will you do???

Ten Pins Ten Pins
Tape 5, w/ Garbersville (Apr 1982)

Ten Pins - an exciting game of bowling complete with hook ball, gutter balls, AMF style pinsetter and every spare situation found in real bowling.

Treasure Island Treasure Island
Tape 4, w/ Fox & Hounds (Mar 1981)
Cursor 2, no. 6 (March 1981): 96-97. (Program Listing)

You have just been given an old pirate map. Somewhere on the map is the spot that marks the hidden treasure. You must take turns with an opponent uncovering the clues that will lead you to the riches - but watch out for the "pirate attack!" Will you be the first to claim the reward?

Wildcatter Wildcatter.
Tape 2, w/ Bomb Squad (May 1981)

All the excitement of the old time oil wildcatters! Take charge of your small company as you explore for oil. Study the geological date, calculate the risks, and make the smart investment. You could become a wildcat millionaire! Computer gives all necessary data for one to four players. Keeps the running account of income and expenses right down to the dollar. Full graphics and sound.

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