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These archived Bally Arcade/Astrocade programs are for use with Bally BASIC (the BASIC that requires an external tape-interface to load and save programs).

Star Trek Star Trek.
By Scott Waldinger.
Advertised in ARCADIAN 1, no. 8 (Jul. 20, 1979): 68.

This is a small "Star Trek" game written in Bally BASIC. The player fires at Klingons in different quadrants using short and long range sensors. This game has some simple graphics, which set it apart from many of the other "Star Trek" games of the late 1970s.

This game was archived by Kevin Bunch in June of 2021 by typing it in from a BASIC listing using the using the 300-baud archive tools KCSWIN and TXT2PRG under Windows 10. Extensive archiving notes are included in this game's archive.

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