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RAM Expansion Required
Alternative Engineering

     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade/Astrocade programs that requires your unit to have a RAM expansion. These programs are marked with which version of BASIC the program requires to run properly, either AstroBASIC, Bally BASIC, Blue Ram BASIC, or Vipersoft BASIC. The program are also marked with which RAM expansion is required.

     Note that these programs will not work on an Astrocade that does not have expanded RAM.

Grafix Tablet Simulator "Grafix Tablet Simulator"
By Alternative Engineering.
VIPERsoft or Blue RAM BASIC, 2000 baud.
ARCADIAN 4, no. 10 (Aug. 06, 1982): 95-97.

The "Arcadian" includes instructions for how to use this program. The original instruction are also available.
  1. Grafix Tablet Simulator - Original Docs
Video Instructions For Extended BASIC Part 1 "Video Instructions For Extended BASIC, Part 1"
By Alternative Engineering.
Vipersoft BASIC, 300-Baud.

Video Instructions For Extended BASIC (with Demonstrator) "Video Instructions For Extended BASIC (with Demonstrator)"
By Alternative Engineering
Tape, from Mike White
ViperSoft BASIC, 2000-Baud. 1982.

Vipersoft BASIC and Instructions "Vipersoft BASIC and Instructions"
By Alternative Engineering
Program came on tape with Viper 1 RAM Expansion
ViperSoft BASIC, 2000-Baud

     ViperSoft BASIC and Video Instructions for RAM expansion owners without a Multicart! These Instructions are NOT the same as those marked "Video Instructions For Extended BASIC (with Demonstrator)."

     Note: In order to use these files, previous experience loading WAV files with an expanded Astrocade is presumed.

ViperSoft BASIC "ViperSoft BASIC"
By Alternative Engineering
Tape, From Lance Squire
AstroBASIC, 2000-Baud.

Viper Test Pattern "Viper Test Pattern"
By Alternative Engineering
On tape with Viper 1 RAM Expansion, Basic Express, Vol. 3, Pg. 26 and 27, Arcadian, Vol. 4, Pg. 19.
ViperSoft BASIC or Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

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