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RAM Expansion Required
Programs: I-P

     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade/Astrocade programs that requires your unit to have a RAM expansion. These programs are marked with which version of BASIC the program requires to run properly, either AstroBASIC, Bally BASIC, Blue Ram BASIC, or Vipersoft BASIC. The program are also marked with which RAM expansion is required.

     Note that these programs will not work on an Astrocade that does not have expanded RAM.

King Kong "King Kong"
By Henry Sopko and Bruce Brigden.
Compilation Tape in Mike White Collection.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

According to Mike White's tape software list, "King Kong" is a mod of Henry Sopko's "Space Ape," modified by Bruce Brigden.

Light-Pen Graphics Program "Light-Pen Graphics Program"
By Leroy Flamm
Requires Blue Ram BASIC, 16K and Light Pen.
Flamm, Leroy G. "Light-Pen Graphics Program."
     Arcadian, 7.4 (Aug. 15, 1986): 68-69. Print.

Mr. Flamm created a light pen of his own (probably about 1983/1984). Information about the device can be found found in a letter he wrote to Mike White in a document I've called "Light Pen Plans and Schematics." These plans show how to build a light pen for the Bally Arcade/ Astrocade. The documentation refers to a tape with a program for the hardware. It can't be certain, but that program is probably "Light-Pen Graphics Program." These plans, if also sent to Bob Fabris, editor of the "Arcadian," were never published, so the program would have been quite difficult to use without contacting Leroy Flamm for additional information. The program, overlay and hardware plans are, finally, together. All that is missing is documentation for the program, also not printed in the newsletter. It's possible that no instructions were created.

The "Arcadian" printed a keypad overlay for this program. Here is the Light-Pen Graphics Program Keypad Overlay.

Machine Language Manager "Machine Language Manager"
By Bit Fiddlers
"AstroBASIC," Expansion RAM.

The Machine Language Manager is a machine language monitor cartridge for an unexpanded Astrocade. It can be used to write short routines in machine language. The cartridge has been converted to a WAV file and can be loaded into an Astrocade RAM Expansion and run as a cartridge. Programs must be saved using the 300-baud interface.

Moon Lander "Moon Lander"
By Dave Carson II
ViperSoft BASIC or Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

O-Jello "O-Jello"
By Clyde Perkins
ViperSoft BASIC or Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

Plotter Drive Program "Plotter Drive Program" (with Space Shuttle and Robot)
By LeRoy Flamm.
ARCADIAN 7, no. 2 (Dec. 20, 1985): 28-29.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

LeRoy Flamm wrote a Blue Ram BASIC program called "Plotter Drive Program" in 1985 that used a Penman plotter to draw a detailed space shuttle and a "robot" (really, it's R2-D2). The plotter was connected to the Bally Arcade via an RS-232C serial input connected via the old Bally tape interface with a printer jack connection.

"The "Plotter Drive Program" is a BASIC listing that will draw DATA to the TV screen or to a PENMAN three-color pen plotter. These reduced pictures are the results of the two sets of data that have been put into memory so far. The original picture plots are full-size on a sheet of paper with the captions in two or three different colors.
  1. "Plotter Drive Program" - ARCADIAN 7, no. 2 (Dec. 20, 1985): 28-29.
Printer Drawing Tablet "Printer Drawing Tablet"
By John J. Kotter.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

Pro Golf (BRB) "Pro Golf."
By Henry Sopko.
2000 baud, Blue RAM BASIC (+16K).

This game was converted into a BASICart. Ken Lill's instruction book for the UltiMulti Cartridge has these brief instructions for the game:

This is similar to the "Links" games. The "Swing" power/slice box is controlled by to trigger. Let go at just the right time to get the maximum shot. The "right" time is when the moving box is in line with the line on the right side. Everything else is pretty much easy to figure out.

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