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RAM Expansion Required
Programs: Q-Z

     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade/Astrocade programs that requires your unit to have a RAM expansion. These programs are marked with which version of BASIC the program requires to run properly, either AstroBASIC, Bally BASIC, Blue Ram BASIC, or Vipersoft BASIC. The program are also marked with which RAM expansion is required.

     Note that these programs will not work on an Astrocade that does not have expanded RAM.

Quadra "Quadra"
By Mike White.
Source: Identical commercial tapes in Ken Lill and Richard Houser Collections.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

This tape contains three versions of Quadra:
  1. "Quadra (Practice Programs)"
  2. "Quadra The Ultimate (The Marathon) (4K)"
  3. "Quadra The Ultimate (The Marathon) (16K)"
The tape can be viewed here:

"Quadra" Tape

The docs can be viewed here:

"Quadra" Docs

Rebound (mod) "Rebound" (Mod).
By Dave Martin (modified by Bruce Brigden).
2000 baud, Blue RAM BASIC.
Original AstroBASIC Appearances:
ARCADIAN 3, no. 12 (Oct. 05, 1981): 124.
ARCADIAN 6, no. 6 (Apr. 20, 1984): 54.(Reprint)

This Blue RAM BASIC version of "Rebound" was never published. The AstroBASIC version of "Rebound" was the $100 contest winner for October 1981. These are the game instructions from the October 1981 issue of the "Arcadian" newsletter:

"Rebound" is a game of skill for one player. Turn knob to select ball speed (0- fast 5-very slow) and pull trigger. You try to clear as many diamonds as possible off the board using a ball that may only be controlled as it bounces off the wall. Use joystick when ball approaches a wall to tell it to bounce (45 degrees) on the right, left, up, or down. You must hold joystick position until after ball has bounced off the wall.

If you clear the board, you are challenged to clear a second and third board. On the second board, one diamond is marked and will flash before you begin. If you do not erase this one last, the game is over. On the third board, one diamond will flash, but is not marked. You must remember this one to erase it last!

A couple more catches: points are deducted for crossing a path you have already travelled, and finally, you cannot bounce into a corner, or the game ends.

Snake Snack "Snake Snack"
By Ken Lill.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

Space Patrol "Space Patrol."
By Steven Rodgers.
2000 baud, Blue RAM BASIC.

"Space Patrol" is an unpublished "Arcadian" newsletter program submission.

Spring Thing (Part I) "Spring Thing (Part I)"
By Ken Lill.
ARCADIAN 6, no. 11 (Oct. 31, 1984): 107. (Advertisement)
ARCADIAN 7, no. 1 (Jun. 01, 1985): 4. (Advertisement)
ARCADIAN 7, no. 4 (Aug. 15, 1986): 59. (Announcement of Cart Release)
ARCADIAN 7, no. 4 (Aug. 15, 1986): 70. (Advertisement)
Archived from Ken Lill Collection.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud, Requires Expansion RAM.

     From advertisement in "Arcadian" newsletter:


     Presents "BOING"

     Starring in SPRING THING Part I

     Imagine controlling a coil spring inside of a building located in deep space. There is no gravity or friction to slow it down! Now imagine that you must avoid being hit by a battery of laser canons that keep shooting faster the longer you stay alive, and try to pick up valuable gold rings!

     This is how this fast paced game is played! "Turning it over" (12,500 points) will start your game over with the number of SPRINGS you have left plus one, which, by then, will be a welcome relief!!

     Options include:

     1 to 4 Players
     Individual selection of laser firing speeds
     Individual selection of the number of SPRING THINGS
     Individual selection of hand controls
     Continuous play or Stop after each SPRING

     This game can be played on ANY BLUE RAM BASIC!

     This archive contains many alternate versions of "Spring Thing (Part I"). Paul Thacker has commented the differences that he noticed between many of them. It makes for fascinating reading. All that information is included in the archive.

Star Cruser "Star Cruser"
By Ken Lill.
Archived from Ken Lill's Collection.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud, Requires Expansion RAM.

     Here's part of Ken's description of "Bumble B Cruzer" from the Ulti-multi instructions, which also applies to "Star Cruser." "The object of this game is to try to avoid being shot by the "camera" looking enemy while trying to get through the walls that are coming at you. You can shoot a hole in the wall (very tiny). You'll need to hit it in several places to be able to get through."

     On July 1, 2013, Paul Thacker comments, "Unless I missed some sort of strategy, it seems to me that you were bound to die quickly in Star Cruser, as there just wasn't enough time to shoot out the walls before they closed in. I'm glad Ken was able to update the program."

     On July 1, 2013, Ken Lill commented on the Bally Alley Yahoo discussion group, "Star Cruser was not right. It had too many flaws. It was replaced with Bumble Bee Cruser on the UltiMilti carts."

Sumeria, Monopoly "Sumeria, Monopoly."
By W&W Software Sales, maybe others.
2000 baud, Blue RAM BASIC.

Archiving notes by Paul Thacker:

There is also a very large program that lets you play either Ancient Sumeria (by W&&W), or Monopoly, which I'd never heard of for the system. Monopoly doesn't actually display the board, and pretty much plays itself, except for you telling it whether to buy properties and such. Still, it's an ambitious program. [...]

[Monopoly is] not on Mike White's software list, so it probably never had an official release, though maybe it was passed around user groups and such. It's definitely an ambitious program, and requires the 16K RAM expansion to play. [...]

Ken also mentioned working on a Monopoly game himself, though he thought it was never finished. The game I found was definitely playable, though it could use a little work. I actually played it for quite awhile, and then it crashed randomly.

Tickets "Tickets"
By (probably) Ken Lill.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.

Found on tape in Ken Lill's collection hand-labeled "Tickets". The code lists prices for tickets to various events, but it doesn't do anything when run. The reverse of the tape has a type-written label that says "BLUE RAM INSTRUCTIONS 1.1". It only includes one load from this large program, however. The tape also had two incomplete versions of Spring Thing.

Whatzit "Whatzit"
By Ken Lill.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud.
Found on hand-labeled tape in Ken Lill's collection.

Window Alarm "Window Alarm"
By Bob Fabris and John Perkins.
ARCADIAN 2, no. 9 (Jul. 28, 1980): 78-79.
Bally BASIC, 300-Baud, Requires Expansion RAM.

     An example program to monitor a window using a 2mA relay and the Blue Ram Expansion. This program would sound an alarm.

Word Processor "Word Processor"
By Don Gladden and Ken Lill.
Archived from Ken Lill's Collection.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud, Requires Expansion RAM.

     On July 1, 2013, Ken Lill posted to the Bally Alley Discussion group: "The all BASIC version of the Word Processor was completely done by Don Gladden. I took his program and while teaching myself machine language, I wrote a ML conversion, adding a few features. My version should have less than a dozen lines on BASIC."

Yahtzee "Yahtzee"
By Bob Wiseman, modded by Klaus Doerge.
ARCADIAN 2, no. 8 (Jun. 23, 1980): 74-75. (Bally BASIC Listing)
ARCADIAN 2, no. 9 (Jul. 28, 1980): 82. (Modification for 4-players)
ARCADIAN 2, no. 10 (Sep. 17, 1980): 88. (Fix for 4-player Modified Version)
Mike White Tape Collection.
Blue Ram BASIC, 2000-Baud, Requires Expansion RAM.

     This version of Bob Wiseman's "Yahtzee" has been modified for Blue Ram BASIC by Klaus Doerge.

     Instructions from the "Arcadian" newsletter for Wiseman's original version of "Yahtzee:"

     One to four players. On your turn, use the JY to position the arrow to the dice you want re-rolled. Then push JX to erase the dice (once gone they're done for good). After you have 'turned off' the dice you want rolled, pull the trigger. After three rolls, you will be shown the scores. Use JY to position the arrow to the one you want, and then pull the trigger. Scores almost like real Yahtzee.

Zap Attack "Zap Attack."
By Bruce Brigden.
2000 baud, Blue RAM BASIC.
ARCADIAN 7, no. 4 (Aug. 15, 1986): 83.

This program was published in the "Arcadian" newsletter with no instructions.

ZZZ-UNK (colorful circles) ZZZ-UNK (colorful circles).
By Unknown Author (possibly Ed Horger).
2000 baud, VIPERsoft or Blue RAM BASIC.

This unlabeled art program was found on Ed's tape. Paul Thacker dubbed the program "Colorful Circles."

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