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(Miscellaneous Documentation)
Arcadian: Best of 1980 Arcadian Best of 1980
By Various Authors
  1. Artillery Duel - John Perkins
  2. Bots - Ron McCoy
  3. Bowl-a-Rama - Bob Hensel
  4. Checkers - John Collins
  5. Connect Four II - Bob Wiseman
  6. Hamurabi - Dick Houser
  7. O-Jello - Clyde Perkins
  8. Subsearch - Ron Picardi
  9. 2000AD - Ed Larkin
  10. Yahtzee - Bob Wiseman
Bally BASIC Tape Bally BASIC - Audio Program Tape 1
Software No. 1 (APC-7001)
By Bally Manufacturing Corp. - (C) 1978
Side A                Side B

1. Electric Doily     1. Lunar Lander
2. Line Graph         2. Gravity Game
3. Monthly Records    3. Newtona '500'
4. Electronic Music
5. Number Match
Bangman Instructions Bangman
Ernie Sams

These are the loading instructions were created by Richard Houser.
Chicken Instructions Chicken!
The Bit Fiddlers

     These are the game instructions for "Chicken!" by Bit Fiddlers.

Crown of Zeus Castle Map (Mahoney) Crown of Zeus Castle Map
By Edward Mahoney.
April 20, 1983.

Edward created a map for Todd Johnson's game, The Crown of Zeus-- which was originally published in Arcadian 5, no. 1 (Nov. 5, 1982): 7-10. Here is an excerpt from Edward's letter says:

"The reason I'm writing is to share with you the attached drawings of what I think the castle in The Crown of Zeus (volume 5:1:7) by Todd Johnson looks like. I would like to know if anyone has written this program to produce graphics on the screen of the movement from room-to-room. I think this would be a great program to see with graphic displays. Perhaps, some of those great programmers that write in the Arcadian can publish game graphics for this program."

Crown of Zeus Floor Plan (Brenden) Crown of Zeus Floor Plans
By Kent Brenden.
July 9, 1983.

Kent created a map for Todd Johnson's game, The Crown of Zeus-- which was originally published in Arcadian 5, no. 1 (Nov. 5, 1982): 7-10. Here is an excerpt from Kent's letter says:

"The graph paper enclosed contains the floor plans [for The Crown of Zeus]. Each level is labeled, each room is numbered with it's exits shown. The set of lines that extends from one room to another indicate a passageway from one room to another. If the set of lines don't go into another room (as with room 13, level 3), this indicates that you can leave the room but once out of that room you can’t reenter that room."

Kent made some changes to the program (which are included). These changes make the game a little easier to play. Included in the letter is a hint for Artillery Duel (probably the BASIC version of the game), which makes it nearly impossible for the other player to hit you. Ken also talks about File Searcher, scrolling, Magic RAM, and the CHRDIS (Character Display) on-board subroutine.

Fantasy Game Aids Instructions Dungeons & Dragons Program Package Instructions
A Game Aid for players and referees.
By Richard C. Tietjens.

The three pages of instructions, which are VERY light and difficult to read (blame the source material), are included with the 18-page printout of all the programs on the tape.

Tape: Side A

1. Search
2. Cleric & Druid
3. Magic-User & Illusionist
4. Fighters
5. Thieves & Assassins
6. Personality
7. Races

Side B:

1. Search
2. Dungeon Dice
3. Dice II
4. Dungeon Maker
5. Dungeon Dust

The 300-BAUD programs on this tape can be downloaded on this page:

Rich_Tietjens 300-BAUD Program Area

Fantasy Game Aids Instructions Fantasy Game Aids
By Guy W. McLimore Jr.
  1. Dungeon Graphics I
  2. Dungeon Graphics II
  3. Fantasy People
  4. MultiDie
Finders Keepers Instructions "Finders-Keepers"
Ken Lill

     From 2 to 4 people compete at the same time: Try to find the Secret Dot that the computer has selected in your area before your opponents find the one in their areas.

     Paul Thacker comments: "there was a whited-out area that I could see read:

     COMING SOON {underlined}

     FINDERS-KEEPERS 2 - Play against the Computer!

Goldfish Demo Instructions Goldfish Demo
The Bit Fiddlers
Life and Nuke the --- Instructions Life and Nuke the @&#%$*
Jay Fenton
Michigan Astro-Bugs Tape #2 Instructions Michigan Astro-Bugs Tape #2
By Various Authors
  1. Color Patterns
  2. Happy Days [Music]
  3. Memory Lane
  4. Rockin' Robin [Music]
  5. Snare-a-Bear
  6. Star Base I
  7. W&W Racetrack
  8. Wack-a-Mole
Niagara Bugs Club Tape #1 Instructions Niagara Bugs Club Tape #1
By Various Authors
  1. An Artistic Display
  2. Bingo Caller
  3. Bowling
  4. Carnival Rapture
  5. Crossing Signal
  6. Fireworks
  7. Hangman
  8. Lizzard Lunch
  9. Paraschot
  10. Put-Put Golf
  11. Repack [AB + 8K Version]
  12. Sound Variable Study
  13. Space Mission (2 and 4 Pilot)
  14. The Tin-Pants Gang
  15. Treasure Hunt
  16. Treasure Island [Modified]
Resequencing PDF Resequencing
Ron Schweitzer
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