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     Clicking on the picture brings up a B&W version of the manual. This B&W version is the default because it loads much faster than the color version. The color version, which is exactly the same as the B&W version, can also be downloaded (when available).

Claustrophobia and Catch the Bomb Claustrophobia and Catch the Bomb

No color version of this manual exists.
Haunted House Haunted House

No color version of this manual exists.
Missile Defense Missile Defense.
New Image.

Save your city! You use your joystick to place three block-barriers in front of the oncoming missile. When you find the spot you want, pull the trigger, and go get another block. The faster you get all three barriers into place and stop the missile, the higher your points are. If you stop the missile and only get one or two barriers out, it's automatically a mere 100 points. You have to be fast! If a missile heads off your screen, you're safe, it goes on over to another town, maybe another state!
  1. Missile Attack Instructions - Text Format.
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