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Beep! Instructions Beep! - Instructions

Color Version
Beep! / Star Siege (Loading Instructions) Beep! / Star Siege - Loading Instructions
Omega Valley Instructions

"Omega Valley" Instructions.
The Tiny Arcade (Tom McConnell).
1982. On Tape 101 with "Astro Terror."

"Seated at the console of Omega Hydra 9's defense command center, you are alerted to a massive invasion of the three inhabited valleys of your planet. Your mission is to prevent the descending invaders from landing on the floors of the valleys by zapping them from the laser cannon emplacements in the walls. If three invaders land, they proclaim victory and the game is over."
  1. Omega Valley Instructions (Text) - These are the instructions in text format.
Random Maze Generator Random Maze Generator - Instructions

A text version of this document can be downloaded, here.
Space Gauntlet Instructions Space Gauntlet

Summary: "You control a star cruiser patrolling a remote sector of the galaxy when you encounter the local inhabitants. These denizens of deep-space don't "cotton" to strangers and they arrange themselves into two columns, firing missiles and challenging you to fly between them and survive the deadly gauntlet."
  1. Space Gauntlet Instructions - Space Gauntlet Instructions (Text Version)
Star Siege Instructions Star Siege - Instructions

Color Version
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